Hi! I'm Silja, I work for Singa and I write this blog. I also genuinely hope that the special someone who has been looking for Lionel Richie all this time finds him in the end. Just like you've found this blog. It's nice to have you here.

We at Singa warmly welcome you to the magical world of singing and karaoke. You might know exactly what I'm talking about, but if not, here's a bit of context to get you started.

Singa is a modern streaming service designed for singing. We're devoted in bringing more song to the world by giving you access to over 60 000 karaoke songs on all possible devices your heart might desire. We have a karaoke-loving team that includes for example the founder of Karaoke World Championships (our CEO), a fanatic power ballad karaoker (our CMO to name one), and a wonderfully broad bunch of karaoke and music enthusiasts from shower singers to professionally trained vocalists. We work hard every day to make singing as easy and enjoyable for everyone, and at night we sometimes sing karaoke until a bit too late.

Hard days karaoke night at the office.

Singa Blog is a place where you can find all kinds of tips and tricks to support you on your way to karaoke stardom - or simply, to lure you into loving singing a bit more. It might be Lionel Richie you're looking for, or inspiration for finding your spirit animal of a song. Or if you are searching for a way in to the magical world of karaoke business - well that's just great, you came here for the right reason.

Here's a little introduction on what's on offer.

1. Singing Tips

This place is for all of you singers - professional or amateur. Want to perfect your microphone technique? Read our tips. Are you looking for new songs to sing next time you jump on stage? Check out Best Karaoke Songs for Females, Best Sing Along Songs, or Best Karaoke Duets. Stay tuned for more insights about learning to sing, how to practice, how to master new genres, etc. If there's something you'd like us to write about, drop us a line in Facebook or at info@singa.com.

Ps. You'll find all the categories from the menu bar. It's the magic pathway to each topic. 

2. News

Be in the know and read about cool stuff happening within and around Singa: new features, new adventures, events, content...

3. Inspiration

Anything and everything around music and karaoke. Like did you know singing has significant health benefits? Probably not wise to drop your vitamins completely, but an welcomed extra ingredient for a healthier life.

4. Business

Singa was founded to do for karaoke what Netflix has done for movies and what Spotify has done for music - to update an entire industry. While on our mission for a better karaoke world, we'll let you in on some secrets on how to use our business solution Singa Pro the best way and create experiences that your customers will never forget. You can start from our guide to set up a successful karaoke venue or how to use singing as tool to improve employee satisfaction.

Alrighty then! Hope you'll enjoy reading our blog. I'm beyond happy that you've found your way here. Take a look around, get inspired and start singing!