“The only thing better than singing, is more singing”
- Ella Fitzgerald

Yep, you're right on point Ella, but you know what's even better than more singing? More singers! A song is something you can enjoy on your own, but shared joy of singing multiplies the fun.

There's something special in the way the human voice and a melody resonates through your body when singing together with a group. The feeling is hard to explain, but very easy to experience. Just open Singa, grab some friends, choose one of the songs below and start singing!

Mamma Mia in the style of Abba
The Swedish mega hit has one of the catchiest hook of all times.

Wonderwall in the style of Oasis
The iconic Brit rock piece is great for a late night sing along.

I Want it That Way in the Style of Backstreet boys
Everyone who was young-ish in the 90s remembers this song, and the lyrics for the chorus are super easy: Tell me why...  

Africa in the style of TOTO
The classic from the 80’s remains to be a favorite all around.

Hey Jude in the style of The Beatles
One of the all-time greatest sing along songs. The epic ending with the Nah Nah Nahs is made for big crowds like this happy group of 13 000 singers.

Livin on a Prayer in the style of Bon Jovi
At the peak of the party nothing’s better than belting out “Wooohoooo, livin on a prayer!”. Taylor shows how it's done.

Seven Nation army in the style of The White Stripes
The bass riff from Seven Nation Army has become an modern day humming anthem. While your audience might not know the lyrics, they will sing along with the riff.

For more ideas, check Singa’s singlist Crowd pleasing easies. Sing it out!