"The exercise of singing is delightful to Nature, and good to preserve the health of man. It doth strengthen all parts of the breast, and doth open the pipes." - William Byrd, Psalms, sonnets and songs, 1588

Singing is something fundamental to us humans. We sing when we're happy or sad, in love or suffering from heartache. We sing to our loved ones, babies, co-workers, favorite sport teams, even to our worst enemies in form of furious war cries or protest songs. You may say that the human species is addicted to singing. Luckily, not all addictive habits are bad for us - singing is proven to improve your health, both physically and mentally.

As the saying goes: "Good things come for those who Singa" (ok, fine. I completely made that up just now. But you definitely should Singa.) But anyways, if you're not addicted to singing yet, try to belt out a couple of karaoke songs and you'll have an incurable addiction in no time. Here's a couple of strong reasons why singing is a habit worth forming.

Singing decreases blood pressure

According to several studies, singing can effectively lower your blood pressure. In a study by Harvard Medical School, a person's blood pressure dropped significantly after singing just 2 songs. Imagine what singing 2 songs a day could do to your overall health!

Singing boosts endorphin levels

Singing can act as a powerful anti-depressant. Based on a study, performing music triggers endorphin release more than just listening to music. So next time you think between going to a concert, or starting a karaoke session - think twice!

Singing reduces stress levels

According to several studies (eg. this one) singing is linked with lowering the level of cortisol, the so called "stress hormone". Singing in choir, as well, has been linked with lowering stress. Based on our own teams very unscientific but extremely enjoyable singing experiments, we can assure you that karaoke has exactly the same effect. For sing-along song recommendations, check out this singlist.

Man singing karaoke while belting his heart out.
Belt it out!
"Good things come for those who Singa" - A famous karaoke philosopher (ok-ok. It's me again!)

Happy singing! Navigate to Singa to find all your favorite karaoke songs.