Are you looking for something new to sing the next time you jump on a stage of a karaoke party? Look no further. With these classics and newcomers you’ll rock the stage like Beyoncé runs the world.

Valerie in the style of Amy Winehouse

The Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson version of “Valerie” seems to have expanded in karaoke bars around the world in the recent decade. And no wonder - the groovy back beat rhythm, the mysterious lyrics, and a not too-wide vocal range make it a bulletproof karaoke hit.

Difficulty: Fairly easy

Make You Feel my Love in the Style of Adele

This soft - originally by Bob Dylan - song is a good one to start your Adele versioning, as it doesn’t have as much super high notes as some of the other popular Adele songs.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Lost boy in the style of Ruth B

The Canadian singer and songwriter was scored multiple awards with her debut album, and the soft pop single “Lost Boy” is something fresh so mesmerize the audience with at a karaoke party.

Difficulty: Intermediate

I’m yours in the style of Jason Mraz

This soft pop ballad by the american-born musician took by storm playing-guitar-by-the-bonfire moments - and works great for karaoke!

Difficulty: Fairly easy

A Thousand Years in the style of Christina Perri

Christina Perri’s teary love song got popular after appearing in The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn movie in 2011.

Difficulty: Fairly easy

Girl on Fire in the style of Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is on Fire with this song, and you’ll be too! Alicia’s mega hit doesn’t include as much melodic r’n’b ornaments or other tricky things, but a great variety in vocal range and the best of it - empowering lyrics!

Difficulty: Intermediate

Hallelujah in the style of Alexandra Burke

When you want to variate from soft to powerful singing, this is a good go-to song. Alexandra Burke’s version harmonically grows towards the end, so that you can start soft and use the power of your voice in the end!

Difficulty: Intermediate plus

Halo in the style of Beyonce

When you want to impress, sing Beyoncé (or Whitney, Christina, Etta, Aretha, Demi.. there are many, of course). Unlike many fast-paced and rhytmic Beyoncé hits, Halo is medium tempo ballad, so you will have time to really give all you got to each note.

Difficulty: Pro-level

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Happy singing!