Traditionally, pop and rock songs have been the big go-to's in karaoke. For example, in 2021 on Singa's singing statistics pop was definitely popular — 56% of the top 100 songs were categorized as pop songs, and there were very few rap songs among the most popular karaoke songs. Only Eminem's Lose Yourself made it to the top 100 (#59).

However, rap might be making its way big time to the lips of karaoke singers. Trendy hip hop karaoke events are taking place, Drake's Certified Lover Boy breaks Billboard chart records, and 90's vibes are trending in music.

Ready to spit out some rhymes?

So — get ready to spit out a rhyme, when hitting that karaoke stage the next time! (That was a rhyme! Heh.) We listed some great hip hop karaoke songs from N.W.A to Doja Cat. Let's go!

17 best rap karaoke songs

lots of people dancing and rapping

17. Lose Yourself - Eminem

Sing karaoke version of Lose Yourself here.

As was disclaimed already earlier in this post, Lose Yourself was the sole hip hop song that made it to the TOP 100 list of 2021 English language karaoke songs by far. Great rap song for also beginners, as the pace of the lyrics is not too extravagant!

16. Nuthin' but a A 'G' Thang - Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dog

Sing karaoke version of Nuthin' but a A G Thang here.

Iconic 1990's West coast duet that's been listed for example to one of the 500 Greatest songs of all time by the Rolling Stone magazine.

15. 99 Problems - Jay Z

Sing karaoke version of 99 Problems here.

You know the deal — put your hands up to this early 2000's bouncy beat and rap it out!

14. Industry baby - Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow

Sing karaoke version of Industry Baby here.

The modern legends, Lil Nas and Jack Harlow, nearly broke the internet with the captivating music video or this song. Sing it out!  

13. Bodak Yellow - Cardi B

Sing karaoke version of Bodak Yellow here.

When you don't feel like dancing, make some money moves — and sing karaoke! Cardi B's Bodak Yellow is a great karaoke song when you want to rap out some power lines.

12. All I Do Is Win - DJ Khaled

Sing karaoke version of All I Do Is Win here.

DJ Khaled classic with a variety of rappers (T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross) featuring in the verses. Duet with friends or rap though all of the parts yourself!

11. Touch the Sky - Kanye West

Sing karaoke version of Touch the Sky here.

Good vibe hip hop classic from 2006!

10. Straight Outta Compton - N.W.A

Sing karaoke version of Straight Outta Compton here.

An iconic 1988 published track from the Compton-based gangsta rap group, which made a big influence in the world.

9. California Love - 2pac, Dr. Dre

Sing karaoke version of California Love here.

Show some love to the city of angels!

8. Mo Money, Mo Problems - Notorious B.I.G

Sing karaoke version of Mo Money, Mo problems here.

Who's hot, who not? A legendary rap song from a Brooklyn-based B.I.G.

7. Kiss Me More - Doja Cat, SZA

Sing karaoke version of Kiss Me More here.

Cute and romantic rap/pop duet with some soft-sung lyrics and bouncy rap verses!

6. Drop it Like it's Hot - Snoop Dog

Sing karaoke version of Drop it Like it's Hot here.

Party rap song to light the dance floor on 🔥

5. Waterfalls - TLC

Sing karaoke version of Waterfalls here.

This 90's mega hit combines some soulful R'n'B vocals with a fast-tempoed rap verse! Great for a duet or a solo performance.

Great for a karaoke duet or a solo performance.

4. The Real Slim Shady - Eminem

Sing karaoke version of The Real Slim Shady here.

Eminem's millenium era rap hit is a common one to hear at rap parties — and it never fails to get people going.

3. God's Plan - Drake

Sing karaoke version of God's Plan here.

A chart topping Drake song for them trap-rappers.

2. Milkshake - Kelis

Sing karaoke version of Milkshake here.

The ultimate party rap song! A certain one to get the karaoke crowd going. La la la la la...

1. Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio, L.V

Sing karaoke version of Gangsta's Paradise here.

Still today, Gangsta's Paradise is one of the biggest-selling singles in the world. Originally a movie soundtrack song, sampling an old Stevie Wonder track, hits all the feels. Try it at a karaoke bar and see yourself!

How did you like our list? Something missing? Check our singlist Hip Hop Hooray for more rap karaoke songs. Happy singing!