Looking for an easy song to sing? Finding a simple song for women can be trickier than you think. Many pop songs require much more vocal complexity than you think. For example, Britney Spears – Toxic is much more complicated than first glance and can really push your vocal range. You also need to consider your vocal type and range. You can read our guide on selecting a karaoke song for your vocal range.

To make selecting a song at your next karaoke party simple, we’ve put together a list of the 25 easiest songs for women to try out for your next karaoke party.

The songs were chosen based off their memorability, easyness to sing, and also how easy it will be able to get the crowd to sing along with you. We've tried to include a variety of music genres from heavy ballads to power-pop anthems, so you can find the best song for you.

The 25 easiest karaoke songs for women

1. Mamma Mia – ABBA

The ultimate karaoke track! Everybody loves ABBA, everybody knows “Mamma Mia”. You literally cannot go wrong once the bouncy keyboards and joyful electric guitar squeals start bopping their way out of the speakers. Swedish 70’s pop at its absolute finest–the perfect soundtrack for a girl’s night out.

Sing Mamma Mia karaoke here.

2. Jolene – Dolly Parton

One of the greatest songs ever written, “Jolene” is classic country personified: a woman afraid that some beautiful, auburn-haired temptress might steal her man away just because. It’s simply composed and has a great rhythm that just about everybody recognizes from the first chord. Definitely a karaoke sing-along for the ages.

Sing Jolene karaoke here.

3. Bad Guy – Billie Eilish

A complete and total banger of a karaoke singalong, “Bad Guy” always manages to get the party started. Thanks to its catchy baseline spread over minimal synth beats, and its girl-power-exuding sing-speak lyrics, it’s no wonder this track won Grammy Awards for Record and Song of the Year in 2020 and remains Eilish’s signature hit. Need some extra inspiration? See the most popular Madonna karaoke songs here.

Sing Bad Guy karaoke here.

4. Wannabe – Spice Girls

Girl power like no other! This 90’s feminist anthem wasn’t preachy or contrived––just irresistibly fun and sing-along-able. It introduced an audience of young girls to the concept of Girl Power and created a girl-group movement unlike any other. It’s also a delightfully infectious earworm of a track that always satisfies.

Sing Wannabe karaoke here.

5. Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

A modern singalong track like no other, “Call Me Maybe” is pure pop perfection. Sweet and syrupy melodies and lyrics that hint at brooding teen romance are usually good ingredients for a karaoke standout track and this one delivers.

Sing Call Me Maybe karaoke here.

6. Flowers – Miley Cyrus

What girl can’t relate to the message of buying herself flowers? It’s a great pop track and modern empowerment manifesto that women from far and wide can claim as their own. And because it’s Miley, it doesn’t stray too far from the basic vocal range so it’s an ideal easy option. Flowers is also now her most popular karaoke song.

Sing Flowers karaoke here.

7. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

Also the motto for any girl-get-together, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” is a cheeky example of pure 80’s pop gold. Cyndi’s iconic delivery and catchy lyrics come along once in a generation. And, ironically, this is a track that any female of any generation can relate to.

Sing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun karaoke here.

8. Man! I Feel Like a Woman – Shania Twain

Is there any track that gets the girls on the dancefloor as quickly as this late-90’s bop? I mean, Shania literally starts the song with “Let’s go girls…” This is, quite easily, one of the best examples of easy karaoke: the audience will be too involved with singing along to notice if you’re not technically on pitch. It’s also just unbelievably fun.

Sing Man! I Feel Like a Woman karaoke here.

9. I Love Rock & Roll – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

No fuss, no muss, classic rock and roll. What could be better for striking up all the rough and tough chicks in the crowd? “I Love Rock & Roll” tells it like it is, using minimal vocal range while still hitting on Jett’s iconic sneer.

Sing I Love Rock & Roll karaoke here.

10. Like a Virgin – Madonna

Is there karaoke music any more iconic than 80’s Madonna? Probably not. And for good measure. The Queen of Pop has more bangers in her back catalogue than you can shake a stick at, like this standard early MTV hit and its accompanying music video. The perfect singalong for girl’s night. Need some extra inspiration, see the most popular Madonna karaoke songs here.

Sing Like a Virgin karaoke here.

11. Born This Way – Lady Gaga

An LGBT+ anthem for the ages, this track is another one that people seem to instinctively know the words to, whether they realize it or not. Great for trying out on an audiences early into the evening.

Sing Born This Way karaoke here.

12. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

Alternatively, if you want to bring the room down (in a good way), this melancholy love song is the perfect solution. Featuring Perri’s breathy vocals, “A Thousand Years” is one of the all-time tear-jerkers heard at weddings, funerals, and everything in between. Beautiful, but…you’ve been warned.

Sing A Thousand Years karaoke here.

13. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

This track encourages everybody to get off their feet, so if you pick it for karaoke, you’re halfway to success before you even open your mouth. Taylor’s cheeky “Shake It Off” is bubble gum pop perfection. Get some extra inspiration from the 15 most popular Taylor Swift songs here.

Sing Shake It Off karaoke here.

14. Love Song – Sara Bareilles

Love songs are usually a great connector at karaoke shows. Bareilles’ “Love Song” hits all the right notes with its uplifting melody, catchy piano harmonies and bursts of sing-a-long vocals, a true winner for easy, first-time singers.

Sing Love Song karaoke here.

15. Don’t Know Why – Norah Jones

Sometimes you want to take a different approach. This jazzy, slow burn of a track features Jones in all her wistful, coffeehouse glory. Featuring solid vocals and peppy piano tinkles, it’s a great second or third number, but maybe don’t expect everybody to get up and sing along.

Sing Don't Know Why karaoke here.

16. Stay – Rihanna & Mikky Ekko

Sometimes, duets can be tricky. But there’s something about this winsome sizzler from Rihanna and Mikky Ekko, the vocals remain steady across the track’s piano rhythms and the notes never hit too high from either artist. A great example of an easy song for two.

Sing Stay karaoke here.

17. Oops!... I Did It Again – Britney Spears

As early 2000’s singalongs go, Britney’s got them all. This all-time anthem from her sophomore CD is fanciful and fun, with limited high notes, and yet it’s still amazing. Every girl in the room will be willing to contribute backup vocals.

Sing Oops!... I Did It Again karaoke here.

18. Put Your Records On – Corinne Bailey Rae

Understate and underrated, this Corinne Bailey Rae track is like a breath of fresh air. Bouncy and playful, it has a sweet, sing-song melody that is easily recognizable and effective for turning the mood in the room up to 100.

Sing Put Your Records On karaoke here.

19. Royals – Lorde

Another soft-spoken heroine of late-2000’s pop, Lorde came out of nowhere with this amazing left-field anthem. Not too heavy on the vocals, it’s a great option for getting the audience to sing along without too much heavy lifting.

Sing Royals karaoke here.

20. Love Story – Taylor Swift

A modern-day singalong no matter where you are (a karaoke bar, an elevator, the shower, your car), “Love Story” from Taylor’s breakthrough record, Fearless, is a winding pop saga that tells the story of star-crossed lovers who can’t be together. Totally relatable!

Sing Love Story karaoke here.

21. Zombie – The Cranberries

Despite its haunting lyrics and late frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan’s one-of-a-kind vocals, “Zombie” is a gem of 90’s nostalgia. An all-time fan favorite, “Zombie” can be sung in many different registers, and still pack an emotional gut punch to the audience.

Sing Zombie karaoke here.

22. Malibu – Miley Cyrus

Look, nobody can say that Miley is the greatest technical singer on earth, so if you’re looking to start with an easy karaoke track, why not make it this underrated, pop-infused hit from Cyrus’ curious back catalogue?

Sing Malibu karaoke here.

23. Hit Me with Your Best Shot – Pat Benatar

The Queen of 80’s pop-rock, Pat Benatar added sass and flair to many of her biggest tracks, but none more successfully than “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” – a brash, kiss-off track oozing with female empowerment. Her massive pipes are mostly subdued here, making it a great option for leading the crowd in a dominating singalong.

Sing Hit Me with Your Best Shot karaoke here.

24. Be My Baby – The Ronettes

A wistful, downtempo classic about looking for love, The Ronettes pioneered the girl group concept and made history with one of music’s greatest songs of all time. “Be My Baby” is perfect for classic karaoke, and a track that just about everybody knows by heart.

Sing Be My Baby karaoke here.

25. Call Me – Blondie

Full of bounce and bubbles, Debbie Harry’s vocals on this Blondie new wave classic are legendary, making it the ideal track for girl’s night out karaoke. Simple, understated and guaranteed to start the party.

Sing Call Me karaoke here.

There you have it! 25 easy karaoke songs for females to sing at your next karaoke night. You can sing all the songs listed on a karaoke playlist here.

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