Taylor Swift is one of the most talented artists out there, but what makes her music even more fun is singing it at karaoke. Whether you want something upbeat or slow-paced, there's sure to be a Taylor Swift song that will fit perfectly into your night of fun.

We collected the singing habits of Singa users all over the world to find out the 15 most popular Taylor Swift songs to sing at your next karaoke session. There are so many great choices for you to pick from so let's get started!

15 best Taylor Swift songs for karaoke

1. Love Story

Love Story is one of the most iconic Taylor Swift songs and for good reason! This romantic classic has been a favorite for many years, with its upbeat melody and catchy lyrics. Love Story is sure to make your heart flutter. Plus, there's nothing more fun than showing off your singing skills while belting out this timeless song with friends during an evening of karaoke!

Sing Love Story karaoke here.

2. Shake It Off

Shake It Off is always a great choice for any karaoke session. The upbeat energy of this song makes it impossible not to dance along while singing at the top of your lungs. Shake It Off will get everyone in the mood for some fun!

Sing Shake It Off Karaoke here.

3. You Belong With Me

You Belong with Me is a timeless classic from Taylor Swift that many people still love to this day. Whether it’s a karaoke party or an impromptu sing-along at home, this song always gets everyone in the mood for some fun. The lyrics and upbeat melody are so catchy that you can’t help but dance along as you belt out the words.

Sing You Belong With Me karaoke here.

4. Blank Space

If you're looking for an upbeat yet sassy karaoke song, then Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' is the perfect choice. The catchy lyrics and infectious beat make it impossible not to dance along while singing with your friends. Plus, this song offers plenty of opportunity to show off your vocal chops as you belt out each line in true Taylor Swift style!

Sing Blank Space karaoke here.

5. Anti-Hero

Taylor Swift never disappoints us, Anti-Hero as an amazing self-reflective song. Everyone can interpret the lyrics to reflect on their own lives and problems. The song allows for alot of performance with its many tone shifts and humorous lyrics.

Sing Anti-Hero karaoke here.

6. 22

Are you turning 22? This may be the perfect song for you! Though it doesn't even matter whether you are 22, 50, or 16 this song creates the mood for the perfect night.

Sing 22 karaoke here.

7. I Knew You Were Trouble

I Knew You Were Trouble is one of Taylor Swift's most popular songs and it's easy to see why.  Plus, if you feel like showing off your singing skills then this is definitely the perfect opportunity! The chorus of 'I Knew You Were Trouble' will have everyone in your group belting out their best notes as they follow along with Taylor Swift's infectious melodies.

Sing I Knew You Were Trouble karaoke here.

8. We Are Never Getting Back Together

THE break-up song. A great song to sing with a crowd as everyone will be screaming the chourus with you.

Sing We Are Never Getting Back Together karaoke here.

9. Style

Style cured my depression. After just one week of listening to "Style", I noticed that I no longer feel sad. After listening to "Style", I've abandoned my old lifestyle. My skin is clear, my grades are high, and my hair grew 50 inches in only one week. Thank you Taylor Swift for changing my life drastically. I wouldn't have been able to realize my potential without "Style". – Youtube

Sing Style karaoke here.

10. Wildest Dreams

If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that everyone always loves singing along to Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift. No matter what kind of music someone usually listens to, they always seem drawn in by this song’s melodic beat and haunting lyrics. The chorus will have everyone screaming "Say You'll Remember Me" while swaying back and forth with their friends during any karaoke session.

Sing Wildest Dreams karaoke here.

11. Bad Blood

An iconic female empowerment song. The perfect song to assemble a group of friends to sing together, just like the music video. There is two versions of this song, so if you are up for rapping choose the version with Kendrick Lamar otherwise there is an only Taylor version.

Sing Bad Blood ft Kendrick Lamar karaoke.

Singa Bad Blood (Taylor only) here.

12. Out of the Woods

This is probably one of Taylor Swift's most emotionally intense songs. While this might not have been her most successful song from her 1989 album, it does make for a great karaoke song.

Sing Out Of The Woods karaoke here.

13. Lover

The song to sing on your wedding day. Its a truly romantic song that makes you reflect on the love you have, the love you've lost, and your future love. This song will create an intimate mood, wether you are in a karaoke room, stage karaoke, or singing at home alone.

Sing Lover karaoke here.

14. Cardigan

A haunting song that still carries tones of defiance and reflection. It's a beautiful song with an interesting composition that is great for singers and enthusiasts. While it may not be the easiest song to for novice singers, don't let that stop you from this amazing song.

Sing Cardigan karaoke here.

15. exile ft. Bon Iver

Wrapping up our list is mellow and pensive duet. The song is more of a musical conversation so it easy enough for any couple to sing. But there is alot of understated musicality that allow you to make the song your own.

Sing exile karaoke here.

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular artists for karaoke for good reason. Not only is she an amazing singer, but she is a lyrical genius who creates songs we can listen to, sing, and make our own. If you are looking to do some Taylor Swift karaoke, or just karaoke in general, be sure to try Singa.

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