Miley Cyrus has truly had a unique music career that has spanned many genres and even multiple personas – having chart topping songs as Miley, Hannah Montana, and Ashley O. No matter what genre or style of music you like you are sure to find a Miley karaoke song that suits you.

But which Miley Cyrus song is the best for karaoke? To find out we counted the song plays from Singa karaoke users around the world. Here are the results:

10 best Miley Cyrus songs for karaoke

Graph depicting the most popular Miley Cyrus songs. The y-axis shows song plays and the x-axis shows the song titles.

1. Flowers

While one of Miley's more recent releases, Flowers became an instant karaoke classic upon release. The songs simple but heartfelt lyrics paired with toned down production make for the perfect singalong song. We can only expect the plays on this song to grow exponentially, as it hasn't even been released for a full 12 months yet.

Sing Flowers karaoke here.

2. Party In The U.S.A.

Put your hands up if this is your karaoke song! Party in the U.S.A. marked a major turning point in Miley's career and showed that she had what it takes to make it in the business. While they may not admit it, almost everyone knows this pop hit, making it the perfect karaoke song to get the crowd singing and dancing.

Sing Party in the U.S.A. karaoke here.

3. Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball marked a massive transformation in Miley's career, with the music video in particular dividing opinions. Miley herself has stated that "I'll never live down when I licked a sledgehammer." No matter you opinion on the music video, the song is a powerful and haunting modern ballad that captures the wrecklessness of young love.

Sing Wrecking Ball karaoke here.

4. The Climb

Originally released as part of The Hannah Montana Movie soundtrack, The Climb became a global hit. As a inspirational country pop power ballad, the song truly resonates with many and encourages them to push on.

Sing The Climb karaoke here.

5. Nothing Breaks Like A Heart

A collaboration with Mark Ronson, Nothing Breaks Like A Heart marks a return to country inspired music for Miley. The song explores heartbreak, much as the title would suggested, making it perfect for a moody karaoke session.

Sing Nothing Breaks Like A Heart karaoke here.

6. Best Of Both Worlds

Our only Hannah Montana entry on this list. The Best of Both Worlds acted as the theme song for the hit Disney Channel show. This song truly captured a generation of young music lovers, and created a truly powerful fandom and franchise. While not every karaoke crowd may understand the artistry of this song, if you hit the right target this song will create a wave of nostalgia.

Sing Best Of Both Worlds karaoke here.

7. Midnight Sky

Yet another genre transformation for Miley, Midnight Sky combines synth-pop and glam-rock for a vintage feel reminiscent of Prince and Stevie Nicks. A remix of the song The Edge Of Midnight, even features Stevie Nicks. Miley truly has a diverse discography that can fit any karaoke singers preferences.

Sing Midnight Sky karaoke here.

8. 7 Things

Miley's first single under her own name, 7 Things marked a departure from her Hannah Montana brand. She was inspired to write the song while thinking about her ex-boyfriends. The song captures a sort of immature love that can bring back memories from earlier days.

Sing 7 Things karaoke here.

9. When I Look At You

The song was used to promote the the movie The Last Song, which starred Miley. It is an emotional power ballad with rock elements. The song is great for karaoke singers who want to show of their vocal range.

Sing When I Look At You karaoke here.

10. We Can't Stop

A cultural reset for better or worse, We Can't Stop marked a massive directional shift in the musical direction of Miley. She truly shed her Disney cocoon and started in her own direction. This is a great party song with simple lyrics and rhythm, that still allow room for alot of karaoke improvisation.

Sing We Can't Stop karaoke here.

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