Did you know that you can enjoy a full-fledged karaoke experience without ever leaving your home? With a karaoke app with lyrics, you can have a complete singing experience wherever you go. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy way to practice your singing skills, or you don’t have a local karaoke bar near you: All you need to do is download a karaoke app straight to your phone!

However, if you visit the app store and type in the best karaoke apps or free karaoke apps, you may be overwhelmed by all the options.

We put together a list of the 6 best karaoke apps on the market to help you find what is the best karaoke app for your individual needs.

Let’s dive in the best karaoke apps:

1. Singa

Singa karaoke app displayed on computer, tablet, and iphone.

Obsessed with karaoke? Wish there was a way you could practice everywhere you go? Sounds like you need The Singa app. This app turns your phone, computer, or smart TV into a personal karaoke machine. Singers can sing high-quality karaoke songs from an always-growing list of new songs. The best part is: If you’re ready to take the stage and show off your karaoke skills, the app also helps you find the closest karaoke bar. So you can hit the stage and show off your talents in real life once you're ready!

Pricing: Singa has four different packages. Singa Free $0.00/month. Singa Premium is $9.99/month, Singa Premium is $89.99/year, and a two-day pass for $5.90.


  • Singa Premium provides you with access to unlimited singing and the highest-quality sound.
  • The best-priced option for the number of features and capabilities.


  • Singa Free only allows you to sing three free songs a day. If you want the complete Singa experience, you'll upgrade to Premium.

2. Sing! By Smule

Various in-app views of smule karaoke.
Image source: smule playstore

Sing! By Smule is designed for those who want to always practice and continue to improve their singing. There are different difficulty levels that will help you meet your singing goals and learn how to take on any song you desire in karaoke. There’s also an option to do a solo, take on a duet, or join in on group performance.

Smule is a social platform that allows you to connect with artists, discover new songs, and make friends. If you love the app and want to share it with your friends and family, they also have a refer-a-friend program that lets you get rewarded for sharing the experience.

Pricing: The VIP Smule experience is $7.99/month or $39.99 for an annual subscription.


  • Access to a library of 10M different songs
  • Option to sing duets and group performances
  • Can share your sessions with others


  • Sing! By Smule is a social media platform designed for you to connect with others. If you’re only interested in singing karaoke, this may be off-putting.
  • The only way to play is to pay

3. SingSnap Karaoke II

Various views of the SingSnap app.
Image source: SingSnap playstore

SingSnap is a singing app with all the features you need to sing your favorite songs. If you want to share your karaoke sessions with your friends and family, you can easily share them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or your email. There are built-in audio enhancements to provide a professional singing experience every time. You can also choose between video or audio-only recording.

Pricing: Monthly subscription is $9.99/month.


  • Over 1,000 songs you can sing for free


  • There is a free version, but it has limited capabilities

4. Singing Machine Karaoke

Image of singmachine karaoke app interfase on an android phone.
Image source: singmachine.com

The Singing Machine Karaoke app is the perfect karaoke experience for anyone looking for an ad-free singing experience. With this karaoke app with lyrics, the user can choose their own experience.

You can be a DJ for the night, take on the lead vocals, or just read the lyrics of a black screen the good old fashion way. The app has several different plans to pick from. If you aren’t ready for a fully paid subscription: Stick with the free choice. The free option allows access to 5 full-length songs a month, and you get to sample up to 30 seconds of any song they have available.

Pricing: The Singing Machine experience has two ways to pay: $9.99/week or $14.99/month.


  • Over 40,000+ songs to sing
  • New songs are added every Friday


  • The free version only allows you to sing three songs a day
  • It a much more expensive than other popular solutions

5. KaraFun

A mock-up illustration of the karafun app on various devices including mobile and computer.
Image source: karafun.com

Did you know you can experience everything KaraFun offers from your iPhone or android? With the KaraFun app, you’ll have access to over 50,000 studio-quality songs that you can play and queue however you choose. If you want to sing with other people, you can invite your friends to connect with their smartphones, add songs, and add them to the queue.

There are customizable vocal features and custom key and tempo options. If you want to sing offline, you can also download songs and use them in the offline mode.

Pricing: KaraFun is $9.99/month. They also have a 48-hour pass with a one-time charge of $5.99.


  • Works with AirPlay and other external screens
  • The offline mode makes it easy to enjoy karaoke whenever you want


  • A relatively small library of songs for the price
  • If you want full access to the app, you’ll need to pay for premium access

6. The Voice! Sing Karaoke

Appstore view of The Voice Karaoke, showing the different pages in the app.
Image source: thevoice.app

Take your obsession with The Voice to the next level with their free karaoke app. With their app, you’ll have the opportunity to sing millions of songs. You can try your hand at a solo, take on a duet, or sing with other passionate singers from around the world.

This free karaoke app has high-quality audio and visuals to provide you with a high-end experience from your phone. This is a community-based app. This means you can interact with other people, watch covers, and interact with other singers whenever you want.

Pricing: There’s a free with ads version. If you want unlimited access, you can invest in their annual pass for $100


  • Large library of songs to choose from
  • A community-based app that allows you to like, comment, and interacts with other passionate singers


  • To fully experience the app, you’ll want to upgrade to the unlimited premium subscription

Experience karaoke wherever you go with The Singa App

Woman using the Singa karaoke app to sing a song at home.

If you’re still wondering: what is the best free karaoke app? We’re here to let you know that the best option on the market is Singa. If you’re obsessed with karaoke and want to have the opportunity to practice everywhere you go with a wide range of songs: Singa has you covered. With Singa, you can turn your computer, mobile, or smart TV into a karaoke machine and sing anytime, anywhere. You’ll always experience the same, high-quality experience and have access to a growing selection of songs.

Ready to experience Singa for yourself? Download the app today.