Billie Eilish: An introverted pop star who favors moody beats, creepy artwork, garish costuming, and breathy vocals. While she may not sound like a karaoke favorite, she's got one of the most complex and compelling discography catalogs out there – and somehow, everybody seems to know the lyrics.

At Singa, we have collected the song plays from our users across the world to find the most popular Billie Eilish songs for karaoke.

1. Lovely

A gorgeous, smoldering ballad featuring Khalid, the harmonies on this choice cut from the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack are blisteringly dramatic and over the top –but in the best way. It’s a perfect, lesser-known Eilish track to tackle as a karaoke duet.

Sing Lovely karaoke here.

2. No Time To Die

The song that won Eilish an Oscar at age 20 (the first and, so far, only Gen-Zer to claim that title), this moody select take from the James Bond film of the same name does what many great theme songs do: it interweaves memorable music with heavy drama to create something other-worldly. In this case, it's a slow burn of a track that is perfect for karaoke night.

Sing No Time To Die karaoke here.

3. Happier Than Ever

Seemingly a stripped-down acoustic ditty, this lead single from Eilish’s sophomore album, eventually opens into a brash, emo-inflected power pop kiss-off track. Accentuated by gauzy guitars and distortive snare drums, “Happier Than Ever” is a momentous opportunity for a budding karaoke star.

Sing Happier Than Ever karaoke here.

4. Bad Guy

An absolute banger of a singalong, “Bad Guy” cemented Eilish as an alterna-pop megastar in 2020. With its memorable baseline, catchy synth beats, and perplexing lyrics, this track won Grammy Awards for Record and Song of the Year and remains her signature hit.

Sing Bad Guy karaoke here.

5. Ocean Eyes

Before her major breakthrough, Billie released “Ocean Eyes” onto the world, a sparkling down-tempo dream pop track rippling with gauzy rhythm and poignant lyrics. No wonder this 2016 gem would serve as a foreshadowing of Eilish’s talents to come. It’s a perfectly serene karaoke option that sits best at the end of the evening.

Sing Ocean Eyes karaoke here.

6. What Was I Made For?

Despite being a major feature of Greta Gerwig’s 2023 blockbuster Barbie, this is one of the most gut-wrenching ballads on our list. Wistful and touching, “What Was I Made For?” can illicit the MOST emotions from an audience––read the room before tackling this tearjerker at karaoke.

Sing What Was I Made For karaoke here.

7. When The Party’s Over


Written and produced by Eilish’s brother, Finneas, “When The Party’s Over” is a solemn piano ballad that includes effective vocal layering over haunting melodies. It's a bit of an outlier in Billie's catalog due to the departure from the usual heavy basslines and synths, but it works so well regardless. There are major opportunities here to leave the karaoke crowd in shock when tackling this heartbreaker.

Sing When The Party’s Over karaoke here.

8. Idontwannabeyouanymore

Taken from her 2017 debut EP, Don’t Smile At Me, this gentle bedroom pop track includes touches of R&B and, dare we say, some jazzy rhythms. But it’s still a great song that swells with bouncy keyboards and sugary vocals… one that would sit perfectly on the playlist of a karaoke night with friends.

Sing Idontwannabeyouanymore karaoke here.

9. TV

Trigger warning: this track, one of Eilish's most thoughtful and heartfelt, tackles some pretty heavy subject matter. Depression, anxiety, eating disorders…nothing is off limits. So, while it's a great song to croon to on your own, this one might be best reserved for the private karaoke booths or close friends only.

Sing TV karaoke here.

10. All The Good Girls Go To Hell

This bouncy electro-infused bop is full of highlights, including solid production by brother Finneas. The complex songwriting skills are on full display here, with Eilish seemingly inviting all of her girlfriends to join in her hell – and, amazingly, it sounds like a pretty awesome invitation. A great karaoke track for a girls' night out.

Sing All The Good Girls Go To Hell karaoke here.

There you have it! The 10 most popular Billie Eilish songs to try at karaoke. If you plan to host a karaoke night with your friends or family at home (or just love singing on your own), you'll need reliable karaoke software like Singa. Our user-friendly interface seamlessly connects with TVs, phones, and tablets – so you can get the party started in any room in your home.

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