Since 1981, Madonna has continued challenging the status quo while growing her career as a world-renowned pop star. She's known for her catchy tunes, heartfelt ballads, and chart-climbing hits. Even if you don't listen to Madonna regularly, you're likely familiar with a handful of her greatest hits.

Whether you've been a fan of Madonna since the 80s or the 2000s, you've come to the right place. We created a list of the best Madonna karaoke songs to sing at your next karaoke night. This list is based on data we collected from Singa karaoke sessions that take place around the world.

10 best Madonna songs for karaoke

A line graph showing the most popular Madonna karaoke songs. The x-axis shows the song names and the y-axis shows the total song count.

1. Like a Virgin

Impress the crowd with a Madonna classic everyone is sure to know. Like a Virgin is a karaoke song you can feel confident the entire karaoke room crowd will love and enjoy singing along with you. It's arguably one of the most popular Madonna songs, one of the best karaoke songs, and is the perfect choice for anyone unsure what to sing at karaoke night.

Sing Like a Virgin here.

2. Like A Prayer

Take it back to the late 80s with a classic Madonna melody. Like a Prayer peaked at #12 on the Year-End US Billboard 200. But it peaked at #1 on countless weekly charts around the world, including Argentine Albums, Austrian Albums, French Albums, and Japanese Albums. If you choose this hit to sing on stage, you can point out the real Madonna fans in the crowd!

Sing Like A Prayer here.

3. La Isla Bonita

Did you know La Isla Bonita was originally offered to Michael Jackson? After he turned the song down, it was later given to Madonna the same year. It went on to be the #1 hit on the European Hot 100 Singles in 1987 and is now considered one of the best Madonna karaoke songs.

Sing La Isla Bonita here.

4. Material Girl

Are you living in a material world? Take the stage and sing your heart out to one of the best Madonna Karaoke songs. Material Girl is known for its pop melody and catchy lyrics. It's sure to get the crowd in the mood to sing along to every word you sing on stage.

Sing Material Girl here.

5. Frozen

Released in 1998, Frozen is a heartfelt pop song featured on Madonna's seventh studio album. It speaks to struggles with personal freedom, independence, and learning how to deal with the unknown.

Sing Frozen here.

6. Papa Don't Preach

Papa Don't Preach was released in 1986 on the album True Blue. The song tells the story of a girl who refuses to get an abortion, even though her father wants her to. It's a deep, passionate melody that will impress the crowd if you sing it at your next Madonna Karaoke Night.

Sing Papa Don't Preach here.

7. Holiday

Are you looking for a festive number to sing on stage at your next coworker or family get-together? While Madonna may be known for Like a Virgin, her song Holiday was her first mainstream hit. The song debuted at #88, quickly climbed the ranks, and peaked at #16. Whether you're getting the gang back together during the holidays or looking for a holiday-inspired single, you can't go wrong with this Madonna karaoke song.

Sing Holiday here.

8. American Pie

A true American classic! American Pie was first recorded and released in 1971 by Don McLean. In 1971,  the song quickly claimed the #1 spot on the US Billboard charts. In 2000, Madonna recorded a cover of the song, providing new exposure to an American classic, bringing it back up to the #1 spot on the Billboard nearly 29 years later. No matter which version suits your fancy, you can be sure the entire karaoke crowd will proudly sing along with you.

Sing American Pie here.

9. You'll See

Do you have what it takes to take on one of Madonna's most famous ballads? You'll See is a 90s favorite all about empowering yourself and embracing your independence. It's a powerful and moving song that will speak to the crowd and get everyone in the mood for a Madonna karaoke night.

Sing You'll See here.

10. Hung Up

Time goes by slowly, but never when you're singing Madonna. Hung Up was released on Madonna's tenth studio album. This single is a timeless testament to the power of time in the face of love and is a powerful reminder to stop wasting time.

Sing Hung Up here.

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