Breweries and taprooms provide a relaxing atmosphere where people can connect and hang out with friends and family. However, the chill atmosphere doesn’t always generate a ton of revenue. If you’re looking for a way to connect with your community and bring in new customers, you may consider innovative taproom and brewery event ideas.

Event ideas for breweries are a tool businesses can use to boost revenue, engage with customers, and bring in new business. We’re here to help you brainstorm fun, interactive ways to engage with your current customers and appeal to new ones.

Here are seven of our favorite brewery event ideas to help you get started:

Seven Brewery Event Ideas

1. Plan a Karaoke Night

Looking for a fun, entertaining way to boost your revenue and bring in new customers - plan weekly or monthly karaoke nights! Karaoke is a fun, interactive experience people of all ages will enjoy. You can keep things simple by planning karaoke nights on a historically slow day of the week. You can also plan themed parties, college nights, or festival singalongs- the options are limitless.

People love having a go-to spot to sing karaoke every week. If you decide to host karaoke events regularly, you’ll want to market it on social media, email marketing, promotional flyers, and add signage around your brewery.

A woman in a large crowd singing karaoke with a microphone.

If you want to start planning karaoke nights, you can't just buy a microphone and use YouTube. You need to be sure you have performing rights as well as licensed music. You can read more about karaoke licsensing here.

You'll need professional karaoke software with a simple, easy-to-use interface, like Singa. This will ensure your customers have on-demand access to a library of the newest and greatest hits. Our karaoke software tool will also give you the peace of mind to have a seamless karaoke experience once every week, month, or year.

Want to keep the fun going, seven days a week? Consider karaoke rooms! Karaoke rooms provide a more intimate approach to karaoke. They are a great add-in to your brewery to help keep the karaoke crowd coming back for more.

2. College Nights

If your brewery or taproom is in a college town, you can capitalize on the younger community with college nights. This is a great way to bring new customers in to enjoy a good deal on drinks, food, and entertainment. If you create a fun, thriving atmosphere, you can feel confident that college students will continue to visit your establishment, even when you don't have deals or an event. This will help you grow your clientele and provide the brand recognition you need in your community.

If you want to connect with a younger crowd, you’ll need to go to them! Consider handing flyers out around campus or posting about your event on social media.

3. Holiday parties

Two women with microphone and new year's costumes singing karaoke at a party.

Whether you're handing out green beers on Saint Patrick's Day, hearts on Valentine's Day, or throwing an ugly sweater party - there's always a reason to celebrate! Capitalizing on holidays is the perfect way to plan cool brewery event ideas and keep everyone in a festive spirit.

You can have special promotions and a themed menu and go crazy with the holiday decor. To ensure your event is successful, you'll want to start marketing your holiday-inspired brewery event ideas early on. Don't forget to print flyers to hand out, post on social media, and send emails to your database.

4. Sporting Events

Whether it's the Super Bowl, a big MMA fight, or the World Series - sports bring people together! With a sports-themed party, you can connect with a niche audience that is looking to connect with friends and watch their favorite teams take on some competition. Don’t forget to also offer deals on beer and food.

If you want to plan more events around sporting events, you’ll want to keep all of the latest games on top of your mind. This way, you can start marketing your sport-themed event brewery ideas to your customers and share any promotions, specials, or themed menus you plan on using.

5. Quiz Night

There’s nothing better than a good ol’ fashion round of trivia. Trivia is a great way to test your customer’s knowledge. You can have themed nights, focus on specific industries, or have a traditional round of trivia once a week. Your customers will come in with a friend group, ready for some fun trivia and a few brews.

We recommend choosing a slow day of the week to host trivia. This way, it will be quiet enough for everyone to listen to the questions, collaborate with their team, and enjoy the experience.

6. Tasting Event

Have a few new releases you want to get exposure for? With a tasting event, you can invite your loyal customers into your establishment to experience your brews on a new level. You can turn it into an interactive experience by explaining the origins of the tastes and the ideas behind the new releases and sharing fun facts about that type of beer.

Group of people on a brewery tour for a beer tasting.
Beer tasting in Fiskarsin Panimo Brewery

This will help your brewery or taproom market different beers or highlight seasonal favorites. There are multiple ways to plan a tasting event. Whether it’s a virtual experience, an exclusive member-only event, or a blind tasting, your customers will have a good time.

7. Beer Festival

Want to plan one big event every year? Consider hosting your own beer festival in your community. This is a great way to maximize your exposure in your community and establish your presence. You can invite other local breweries, food trucks, restaurants, or taprooms to join the fun. Your loyal customers will come ready to try new beers, eat food, play games, and join in on the festivities. With a beer festival, you can get as creative as you want. Whether you keep it to a member-only event or have a full-fledged experience with a band.

Three girls with beers at a festival

Keep in mind: A beer festival takes a ton of time, planning, and patience. If you plan on having a big event, you may need to reach out to the city for a permit. To ensure your beer festival is successful, you’ll want to start marketing at least 3 months in advance. This way, your loyal customers can start buying tickets, sharing your flyer with their friends, and marking their calendars for the big day.

Plan your next karaoke night with Singa

If you're looking for a fun, interactive event idea for your bar or brewery, you can't go wrong with karaoke nights. Karaoke brings people together and inspires them to sing along with their friends, family, and coworkers. Plus, while they're singing and enjoying themselves, they'll continue to order food and drinks from you, providing you with a healthy boost in revenue.

At Singa, we have an easy-to-use business karaoke solution that will help you provide a seamless karaoke experience every week, month, or year. We have access to an impressive library of songs and features that help you create a next-level experience for your customers.

Interface of Singa Business showing the song selection.

Without a karaoke software tool like Singa, your event may not be as successful as you want them to be every week.

Ready to upgrade your karaoke setup in your brewery or taproom? Explore our business solution today to get started.