Karaoke has always been a crowd favorite at bars, nightclubs, and venues. It helps bring individuals together and gives them a reason to stay at your establishment and enjoy themselves all night long! If you’re starting to look into karaoke hosting software solutions to enhance the experience for your customers, you’ve come to the right place.

We put together a list of karaoke software options to help you find the best karaoke software on the market. Let’s take a closer look:

What to look for in professional karaoke software?

Whether you own a trendy bowling alley that has staged karaoke nights or you’re a karaoke jockey at a hip local bar, you want to make sure you’re providing the best, high-quality karaoke software with songs.

Always look for an easy user experience, so you don’t ever need to worry about the karaoke DJ software interfering with your workday. You also want to ensure you have a wide range of song choices that fit every interest and need. There are several different karaoke options on the market, so you'll want to weigh the pros and cons before investing to ensure it's right for you. Before you start using any karaoke software be sure you are familiar with karaoke and performance rights in your country and that you have the right karaoke equipment.

What is the best karaoke hosting software?

1. Singa

Song selection view in Singa karaoke software

Singa is the go-to resource for bars, nightclubs, restaurants, bowling alleys, you name it. It is ideal for any venues that are looking to enhance their experience with flexible karaoke software. No matter which package you choose, you’ll have access to tens of thousands of karaoke songs and background music, so you need to worry about awkward silences.

Their systems are easy-to-use, no matter what age your customer base is, so businesses never need to worry about the customer experience. If you’re using the Pro-package, all your customers need to do is request songs from Singa through an app on their mobile devices or discovery stations, sit back, and enjoy the experience with their friends. The user experience is great for karaoke jockeys looking to keep everyone entertained through the night. They also have packages for karaoke rooms if you are looking for a software for private room karaoke.

Pricing: Singa has three different packages. Singa Business Lite is $59/Month, Singa Business Pro $199/Month, and Singa Business Box $299/Month


  • Business Pro and Business Box both allow you to run promotions between songs, have session management tools, mixer integration, and a range of customization features
  • Onboarding and customer support team  which provides onboarding to make sure your karaoke is set-up correctly and help deal with any issues during your karaoke nights.
  • The sleek designs complement your space and are tailored with modern features, unlike traditional bulky karaoke machines
  • Best priced option for the number of features and capabilities


  • The Singa Business Lite package doesn’t have as many built-in features or provide the full Singa experience like the Pro of Box packages

2. Karafun - Business

View of karafun song selection in their proffesional karaoke software
Image source: karafun.com

This company has been in the karaoke industry for over 16 years and is always looking for a way to improve the experience for its customers. Outside of the business side of things, Karafun also has its app and its own karaoke bars. Karafun doesn’t have an app for their service. Instead, they generate a URL that individuals can access from their mobile devices before they get on stage. You never need to worry about users getting bored of the songs because they add over 400+ new songs every month.

Pricing: Karafun has one complete solution for businesses to get started that’s $229/month per room


  • Over 16 years of experience in the karaoke business


  • Access to only 68,000 songs
  • More expensive than other options on the market, especially if you have a larger location that requires more than one karaoke room
  • Don’t currently have custom playlist options or advertising options, only logo display
  • Doesn’t have the most refined or easy search capabilities

3. Sunvig

Three images showing the different angles of the Sunvig karaoke kabin.
Image source: sunvig.com

Sunvig is a professional karaoke entertainment system that is manufactured in the Netherlands. All of their systems meet the EU safety requirements and are designed to provide an exciting karaoke system for businesses, bars, and restaurants. They do not have a downloadable software, but rather a karaoke machine and has the look and feel of an arcade machine.

They have products like the Karaoke Kabin, an exciting arcade machine experience that creates a private experience that's both private and public to help generate excitement and keep the crowds entertained. They also have several different experience options to choose from. The solutions they have are more suited for small, intimate groups rather than stage karaoke nights.

Pricing: All pricing is on request


  • Doesn’t require an app or a tablet
  • “Plug and Play” karaoke concept


  • Most songs are EU and might not be the best solution for other countries.
  • No advertising or promotional solutions are built-in.
  • Not the best software for stage karaoke

4. Healsonic

The heal sonic karaoke song selection app being displayed.
Image source: healsonic.com

Healsonic provides creative karaoke solutions for businesses, bars, restaurants, corporations, and private karaoke rooms. They currently have over 36,000 songs in their always-growing library of karaoke songs. This professional karaoke software is user-friendly and easy to use, so you can feel good about installing it in your private karaoke rooms. You never need to worry if you ever run into issues or errors while using the karaoke software. Healsonic has a dedicated support team to help you or your customers troubleshoot any problems while using their software. Are you looking for a karaoke rental just for one night? Healsonic has partnered with Porcci to provide next-level karaoke services for rent.

Pricing: All pricing is available on request


  • Great for one-time karaoke rentals
  • Songs are available in over 15 different languages
  • Free monthly new song updates
  • User-friendly app you can use as a karaoke remote
  • No internet is needed for the karaoke setup


  • A relatively small library of karaoke songs
  • Requires a hardware piece to be rented as well

5. PCDJ Karaoke Professional

Screenshot of PCDJ Karaoki Professional softeware
Image source: pcdj.com

PCDJ Karaoki Professional provides simple karaoke software with singing experience for karaoke hosts and venues of all kinds. You’ll need to scan karaoke tracks with MP3 tags to get songs or use the File Naming Convention. Since it’s just the software, bars and venues are required to have the other technology needed to provide the best quality experience for their customers. The karaoke software has some advanced features such as cloud integration, a lock screen, and drag and drop option.

Pricing: software costs $99 and includes all features, such as multimedia support, a newsticker, and more


  • Free trials
  • A low-cost solution for bars that want to test out karaoke at their location before investing in a higher-quality product


  • Hard to read and understand for customers.
  • No support or team of experts to help troubleshoot.
  • Bars and venues need to supply the rest of the technology

6. LYRX Karaoke Player

Screenshot of LYRX karaoke player with view of software, someone singing, and the lyrics on the screen.
Image source: lyrxkaraoke.com

LYRX karaoke software provides a modern interface that meets the demands of today’s KJ. Their high-quality user experience supports all file types, from MP3 + G, iTunes, and other video karaoke files. If you don’t want to upload your files yourself, you can consider a subscription to their Party Tyme Karaoke to receive access to a commercially legal library of over 13,500 songs. They also have a built-in karaoke song store, song history features, customization options for the backgrounds and video overlays, and an automatic filler music player.

Pricing: Software costs $79.95. A subscription to Party Tyme Karaoke is $99/Month. If you want to purchase one-off songs, $2.49 a track.


  • LYRX users get free access to their Karaoke Singer Request web-app
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Free trials


  • Limited song options
  • Higher price for less, compared to other options

7. KaraokeMedia

Karaoke Medai Pro X karaoke software
Image from karaokemedia.com

KaraokeMedia Pro provides downloadable computer-based software with 30,000 licensed karaoke songs. The company, KaraokeMedia, has been around for more than 20 years, and they also produce their own music content in addition to licensing other catalogs. KaraokeMedia has a software for both home users and professional use. In venues using the professional software Karaokemedia Pro, karaoke singers can find the songlist by downloading the app and scanning a QR code at the spot.

Pricing: The software can be downloaded for free, and Premium Pro subscription 99€/month or 990€/year.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Basic settings for karaoke DJ'ing — song search, transposition, background music management, and so on.
  • Technical support available
  • Customer song requests via mobile app
  • Lots of Spanish songs


  • Access to only 30,000 songs
  • The venue needs to provide their own computer for karaoke use

Finding the right karaoke DJ software

The right karaoke software and the system can upgrade the entire experience for your customers. It helps bring individuals together and helps them make memories that will stay with them for years to come. If you're looking for the best karaoke software, we highly recommend Singa. It's the full package experience that's great for bar owners, their customers, and all karaoke jockeys who want to put on a show for the crowd.

If you are interested in karaoke for your venue feel free to contact us. You can chat with us on www.singa.com/business or email us at sales@singa.com.