Did someone say Karaoke and Bowling? Yes. We did and we love it, I mean what a combination! More and more bowling venues are looking at ways to further entertain their customers and adding additional entertainment options to their current business model. We take a deeper look into why karaoke and bowling are a match made in heaven.

Karaoke Fits Right In

Ten pin bowling venues are built on a pre-book business model, customers reserve their lane, party size and number of games in advance. In some cases, you can also order food and drink for your lane before you arrive and this is where karaoke just slots right in.  Private karaoke rooms work on exactly the same business model as bowling and so for your bowling venue, karaoke will fit perfectly. Private karaoke rooms can be pre-booked for a certain time, in the same way as bowling, your customers will then have the use of that room for their allocated slot and could even pre book drinks or snacks too.

It's good for business

Karaoke Booth at Bloomsbury Bowling, London UK

As a bowling alley, it's always a good idea to try and increase the dwell time of your customers, as a rule, the longer they are in your venue the more they are going to spend. Entertainment options mean that once their game of ten pin bowling has finished, they have other reasons to stay. Arcade games and food and drink options are a traditional way of doing this, but karaoke is a different way of keeping your customers for longer. The pre-book nature of a karaoke room mean along with a bowling lane, your karaoke rooms are likely to be reserved before your customers arrive so you can further forecast your business revenue.

Private karaoke rooms are also likely to bring in new customers, people who love karaoke may be coming to your venue for the first time!

Let's have a look at the people already making it a success:

Bloomsbury Lanes have five very popular karaoke booths and we spoke to them about how and why they use Singa. They said "We needed a system that could take care of karaoke for us but one that we can manage. We chose Singa because as opposed to other karaoke companies because there’s an extensive range of music and it’s always updated, as well as the system being online, so any updates are sorted out straight away.” To see the full video, see below:

Karaoke Booth Boom at Bloomsbury Lanes 

All Star Lanes also have private karaoke booths in all their venues, big enough for up to 14 people and they say "We want to create the ultimate night out, where you can bowl, drink, dine and sing in style. Our luxury karaoke booths are perfect for groups who want to kick-off the evening or finish the night singing along to their favourite songs. Singa has a great selection of music, including all the latest hits which our customers really love. We’ve also introduced contactless ordering in the karaoke booths, so guests can enjoy food and drink served straight to the room."

It's safe

Private karaoke rooms are a form of entertainment that can be controlled and therefore, will keep your customers safe. You can limit the number of people in the room, ensure there is enough time between bookings to sanitise the room and equipment, check in line with local guidance that people are from a maximum number of households and group size. You can also get disposable protective covers for microphones and ask your guests to sanitise their hands on entry and exit of the room.

If you are interested in karaoke for your bowling venue please contact us anytime for advise or pricing, we would love to hear from you. In the meantime, there is some great information here on transforming a space or a room into a private karaoke room.