Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it's the perfect time to show some love to your bar. Setting a romantic atmosphere will bring couples in looking for that special evening. You can do this by decorating with some festive decorations, offering special drinks deals, setting the mood with karaoke and offering food specials. Why not even throw in a fun interactive event like speed dating? Here are our ideas on how to make your bar more inviting for Valentines Day!

1. Get festive with decorations

You probably had the same thought as well. But decorating your bar for Valentine's Day is a surefire way to get people in the holiday spirit! Most Valentine's day decorations can be done simply and cheaply, but still have an effect. Set up festive decorations like paper hearts and pink and red balloons.

You could also get creative with lights and make it extra romantic by dimming them down low or setting up red lights for a more ambient feel. You can also bust out the candles or tea lights to up the romance.  

A bar using candles to create a romantic mood.

2. Offer special drink deals

Offering special drinks deals is a great way to make your bar stand out on Valentine's Day! Get creative with the cocktails - maybe offer some themed concoctions like 'love potions' or pink champagne floats. There are tons of Valentine's day themed cocktails out there.  

Or create different types of packages so couples can share something special while they're there; discounts on bottles of wine, two-for-one martinis etc... Whatever it is you decide to do, make sure everyone knows about it by advertising these specials both in-house and online ahead of time! Make sure you advertise your specials so that everyone knows what they're getting into when they come in!

Two Valentine's day themes pink martinis.

If you don't want to go all out with a new menu, you can also keep things simple and offer discounts on champagne. This will make your bar more enticing for couples looking for a romantic night out.

3. Set the mood with karaoke

Karaoke nights will create a unique experience at your bar this Valentine's Day! Set up a stage area complete with lights and microphones so that couples can feel like real rockstars as they belt out their favorite love songs together.

Make sure to use a karaoke software like Singa to give them plenty of song options, from  classic love ballads to more modern hits. You can encourage people to sing romantic songs by offering karaoke playlists filled with romantic numbers for people who don't know what song they want yet. You can even offer prizes or giveaways like free drinks, discounts on meals, or gift cards depending on how well they do. Get creative and have fun with it! Couples are sure to remember this night as one that was full of romance and music.

A couple singing a romantic ballad together on stage.

4. Offer food specials:

A special valentine's day pink pizza.

Prepare some special Valentine’s Day-themed appetizers or desserts. This will make your bar more appealing to people looking for a romantic evening. Some ideas could include heart-shaped pizzas, red velvet cake, or anything else that has a festive feel. Offer discounted prices on these items to make them even more attractive! You can also offer special pairings like wine and chocolate truffles or champagne and strawberries. This will give couples an excuse to indulge in something sweet together while they’re out celebrating the holiday.

5. Speed Dating: attract singles  to your venues with speed dating

An image of a man with a wine glass at a bar doing speed dating, with the bell in front of him.

Inviting singles over to your bar this Valentine's Day? Why not jazz it up a bit by offering speed dating? It'll be sure to draw in those looking for love while still having plenty of fun. Put together different topics or questions that can help spark conversation between participants so they can quickly learn more about each other without feeling too awkward. Give them enough time to chat before ringing the bell signalling their next date so everyone gets a chance to make connections as they go along. And don't forget about setting up drinks specials or small snacks like chocolates - these little touches will add extra romance and charm!

The Valentine's Day festivities at your bar are sure to make it a hit this season! Decorations, drink deals, karaoke and special food specials will get people in the mood for love, while speed dating gives singles something fun and exciting to try. All of these great ideas will help make your bar one of the most romantic places on Valentine's Day. If you need some more ideas for holiday's you can celebrate at your bar, check out out holiday bar guide.