Every day there is a reason to celebrate. No really! There is over 1,500 national days and holidays in the United States alone and even more world-wide. While Open an Umbrella Indoors Day (March 13th) might not be the most relevant day for your business, there are plenty of national days you can celebrate to bring more business and some fun to your venue. We put together a list of national days and holidays relevant for bars and other hospitality venues.

National days in January

national days and holidays in january
  • Jan 1 New Year’s Day
  • Jan 4 National Trivia Day
  • Jan 15  National Bagel Day
  • 3rd Monday Blue Monday

National days in February

national days and holidays in february
  • Feb 9  National Pizza Day
  • Feb 13 Galentine’s Day
  • Feb 14 Valentine’s Day
  • Feb 17 #RandomActsOfKindnessDay

National days in March

national days and holidays in march
  • Mar 8  International Women’s Day
  • Mar 14 Pi Day
  • Mar 19 World Sleep Day
  • Mar 20 International Day of Happiness

National days in April

national days and holidays in april

Move More Month

  • Apr 1   April’s Fool Day; Walk to Work Day
  • Apr 6   National Carbonara Day
  • Apr 7   National Beer Day
  • Apr 28 National Superhero Day
  • Apr 29 International Dance Day

National days in May

national days and holidays in may

Eurovision Month (EU) - Eurovision is the most viewed televised event in the world, whats more is that there are tons of Eurovision fans who are happy to take part in anything Eurovision. If you are in a European country (or Australia) consider hosting a Eurovision viewing party or Eurovision music quiz.

Asian Heritage Month

  • May 1 May Day
  • May 4 Star Wars Day

National days in June

june pride month parade

Pride Month - Pride month is a great time to host events or have special offers to support you local  LGBTQ+ community. Be sure to check when your city is hosting Pride to coordinate your events. You can also read more from our blog about how to host a pride party.

  • Jun 3 National Donut Day
  • Jun 4 National Cheese Day
  • Jun 8 Best Friends Day
  • Jun 11    World Gin Day (2nd Saturday of June)
  • Jun 15 National Beer Day
  • Jun 16   World Tapas Day
  • Jun 19 Juneteenth
  • Jun 21   World Music Day; Summer Solstice

National days in July

xnational days and holidays in july

Summer Vacation - July is the most vacationed month of the year! While this might mean some of your locals might be out-of-town it also means plenty more people may be coming in to visit. This makes July a great time to host outdoor event like cook-outs or outdoor karaoke.

  • Jul 4 American Independence Day
  • Jul 13 International French Fry Day
  • Jul 14 National Mac and Cheese Day
  • Jul 18 National Ice-Cream Day
  • Jul 20 International Hot Dog Day
  • Jul 21 Get to Know Your Customers Day
  • Jul 29 International Chicken Wing Day
  • Jul 30    International Friendship Day

National days in August

national days and holidays in august

Back to School Month - August can be a great month to to bring a whole new dedicate base of customers – university students! Try offering discounts or special deals to make your venue a university hang-out. Read our blog on promotional ideas to bring students to your bar.

Black Business Month

  • Aug 5  International Beer Day
  • Aug 13 National Prosecco Day
  • Aug 16 National Rum Day
  • Aug 25    National Burger Day

National days in September

national days and holidays in september

National Hispanic Heritage Month

  • Sep 3  International Bacon Day
  • Sep 5  Cheese Pizza Day
  • Sep 7  World Salami Day
  • Sep 17 Oktoberfest starts
  • Sep 20    Pepperoni Pizza Day

National days in October

national days and holidays in october

Global Diversity Awareness Month

  • Oct 4     National Taco Day
  • Oct 6 National Noodle Day
  • Oct 10   World Mental Health Day
  • Oct 11 Indigenous People’s Day
  • Oct 16   World Food Day
  • Oct 24   Diwali
  • Oct 25   World Pasta Day
  • Oct 31    Halloween

National days in November

national days and holidays in november

Men’s Health Awareness Month (Movember)

Native American Heritage Month

  • Nov 1  World Vegan Day
  • Nov 3  World Sandwich Day
  • Nov 11 Singles’ Day
  • Nov 18 National Apple Cider Day
  • Nov 19 International Men’s Day; Women's Entrepreneurship Day
  • Nov 21 FIFA World Cup 2022
  • 4th Thu  Thanksgiving
  • Fri after TG Black Friday
  • Sat after TG Small Business Saturday
  • Mon after TG Cyber Monday

National days in December

national days and holidays in december
  • Dec 11 Christmas Jumper Day
  • 2nd Mon Green Monday
  • Last Sat before Xmas Super Saturday
  • Dec 21 National Hamburger Day; Winter Solstice
  • Dec 24 Christmas Eve
  • Dec 25 Christmas Day
  • Dec 26 Boxing Day
  • Dec 31 New Year’s Eve; National Champagne Day

Hopefully, you managed to get some inspiration and ideas for your venue. These are just a few of the many days you can celebrate. Of course, you can also host theme parties at anytime to promote your venue.

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