Summer is almost around the corner, so it's time to get ready to celebrate the LGBTQIA2S+ community and Pride Month in June. Need inspiration on how to host a pride party? Here are 8+1 pride party ideas to guarantee the blast! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

1. Pride party decoration ideas

Since the rainbow is a timeless theme for pride, you can utilize balloons, garlands, disco balls, confetti, blow-out streamers, tassels, napkins, and tableware in all shades and colors. The most iconic decorative piece for pride parties is, of course, the pride flag. However, you can also go over and beyond the rainbow. The LGBTQ+ community caters to a colorful selection of many kinds of flags and symbols. The lively tapestry offers inspiration and themes for your unique pride party decorations.

Progress Pride flag hanging from a building, roses in the colors of the rainbow, and a decorative neon light rainbow with love-related graphic in the background.
Rainbow-themed cupcakes.

2. Wear the theme

Dressing up according to a theme is usually fun, and the more creative the idea, the better. Should you decide to go with a dress code, you can ease things by providing your guests with a list of pride party outfit ideas. The list can include anything from rainbow-related costumes to playful wigs, leis and floral shirts and dresses, mustaches and all-leather outfits, face paint, head-to-toe sequin, or dressing up as a version of Madonna. Maybe you could even throw a costume contest and set up a photo booth to immortalize the fabulousness!

People in colorful pride costumes, some wearing the pride flag, some leis, sequin decor hats, and sunglasses.
Rainbow-colored sneakers on a person standing at a pride event.

3. Eat, savor, love

Elevate your party with delicious pride party food ideas! For example, you could serve dishes shaped like hearts. In case you want to extend the rainbow theme, organize vegetable, fruit, and candy platters according to the hues. You could also come up with your signature rainbow cocktails and mocktails. For dessert serve some rainbow cake, pride jello, and unicorn ice cream.

A selection of colorful drinks with fruits and straws.
A heart-shaped waffle and a piece of rainbow cake with rainbow candles on it.

Another meaningful way to honor the community in the savoring part of the event is by celebrating the talents. Check out these LGBTQ+ penned cookbooks and LGBTQ+ food creatives and celebrate the community using yummy recipes. Remember to support your local people-friendly coffee shop or restaurant if you decide to order the food for your party.

4. Throw a pride karaoke

Karaoke is a fun and inclusive activity which fits into any event. Once the ice is broken, you can’t stop people from singing! Choose Singa as your karaoke provider, and you’ll have smooth access to karaoke. If you are just getting started with karaoke consider trying Singa Lite as a business option. Check out Singa’s amazingly curated Pride playlist here.

Two people singing karaoke with folks dancing in the background.
Selecting karaoke songs using the Singa business software with a microphone next to the iPad.

5. Prepare games and activities

A round of gay poker with Tom of Finland Playing Cards, anyone? Lighthearted games and activities keep the flow going at your pride party. Consider providing games such as limbo, Twister, your very own pride bingo, or the special edition of Cards Against Humanity: Pride Pack. Other engaging activities include a dance competition, your local version of RuPaul's Drag Race's “Lip sync for your life”, and taking turns smacking a rainbow piñata. You could also go glam with a beauty salon setup where you get your awesome pride hair, nails, and make-up done.

Pride eye make-up with the colors of the Transgender flag.

6. Gifts and party favors

Make your customers feel extra special by giving them a surprise take-home gift or goodie. Party favors don’t need to be elaborate or expensive – they are a nice little memory or a takeaway souvenir of a fun time together. It makes them feel even more included.

7. Host an art exhibition as part of your party

This idea ultimately depends on your venue, but you could host a small art exhibition as part of your pride party spectacle. Support your local art and give it exposure. Ask talented LGBTQ+ artists if they would be interested in hanging some of their artwork at your event. In the best-case scenario, some of the art finds happy new owners!

An artist holding a frame in one hand.

8. Volunteer with your party people

One way of contributing to the betterment of society is to dedicate some pre- or post-party time to volunteering or doing charitable work in your neighborhood. Community-building is rewarding and meaningful, so find out beforehand if your guests would like to allocate some time during the party or separate from it. You could also raise money or donate your time to your chosen cause.

You can also consider collecting donations from your party to support a LGBTQ+ non-profit organization. Here are some of our favorites:

People at a pride parade walking under a big pride flag and holding it up in the air.
A person in a white dress and a hat holding a rainbow-themed fan at a pride party.

BONUS tip: Don’t forget the Eurovision flavor

Eurovision parties are always an excellent idea – the annual event is THAT legendary. Eurovision aroma could also be present at your pride party through musical selections, recognizable outfits, Eurovision karaoke, and fun music-related quizzes. Read more about these and other Eurovision party ideas, activities, and inspirations here.

That concludes Singa’s best pride party ideas. Happy Pride Month in June! 🌈