Whether you’re hosting a karaoke party at home or looking for karaoke party ideas for your bar, pub, or karaoke venue of any kind, look no further. Here at Singa, we collected the best ideas for karaoke party themes. While having a theme is not a must, it definitely spices things up.

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9 surefire karaoke party ideas to entertain your guests

Choosing a theme for your karaoke party takes the event to a whole new level. Just let your creativity flow! Dressing up gives people a thrill, and decorating the karaoke venue according to your chosen theme immerses the party-goers in an exciting world of its own.

karaoke disco balls
disco balls

With themes, you, the organizer, can go as deep as you like. You can go as far as serving themed food and drinks, sending themed invitations, talking and using language according to the requirements of the genre, and making sure everyone is playing along.

For karaoke venues, being in sync with the theme might also include briefing the karaoke jockeys, also known as KJ’s and karaoke hosts. Check out our blog post on why Singa is an amazing karaoke tool for karaoke bars and venus with KJ’s.  

The opportunities to tailor your party, truly, are endless. So, without further ado, here is our ace list of ideas for karaoke theme parties.

Theme: Elvis

The King of rock and roll is a larger-than-life character offering a great starting point for a karaoke theme party. With Elvis, it shouldn't be hard to come up with what to wear and how to decorate. The only question is, which era of Elvis do you personally want to focus on – the rockabilly phase or the white jumpsuit with a cape?  

In any case, here is a selection of Singa songs from The King.

Similarly, you can always throw karaoke parties to celebrate other musical legends or contemporary artists that vibe with your crowd.

Theme: Christmas all year round

Who said you could not celebrate Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Halloween any time of the year? Don't be afraid to make it the theme of your funky karaoke party!

Christmas karaoke inspiration image

It might feel goofy to dress as Santa Claus or Rudolph and decorate your place with Xmas trees and mistletoes in the middle of July. But hey, at least you stand out! Here are some Singa song lists related to annual celebrations and other festivities:

Theme: Space

Yes, we mean the final frontier –  that neverending expanse beyond Earth. Outer space is a great and visual theme for any karaoke party: shooting stars, planets, moons, galaxies, dust clouds, space travelers, and aliens  – all that cosmic vibe. And the best part: you don’t need to worry about your costume. You could always dress up as a supermassive black hole, easy peasy. Your guests will be levitating before you know it.  

Here are some space-related karaoke songs to get you and your guests started:

Theme: Bollywood, country and all that jazz

Different musical genres offer great platforms for karaoke parties. It could be anything from Headbanger’s Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Tunes to Back to the ’80s, Best 90s songs, or Finnish rap or perhaps Country Hits – not to mention Bollywood and K-pop. The sky's the limit.

Theme: Disney

According to some sources, Walt Disney said the following:

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.”

Whether he said that or not, it sounds pretty magical. The world’s premier entertainment company says its mission is to entertain and inspire people around the globe about storytelling and creativity – a lovely setting for positive vibes and a sweet, cute, and fun karaoke party.

With Disney, you can either pick one movie and create a karaoke party around that or go full in with the entire brand and let people choose their favorites from the overflowing abundance of stories, characters, and tales. Either way, it will be a party filled with songs from movies we all love. Hakuna matata!

Theme: Girl power

Now, here is a theme oozing with estrogen. Celebrate iconic girl groups, such as The Supremes, Flans, Bananarama, En Vogue, Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, TLC, or The Pussycat Dolls. You can also salute the powerful ladies who have dominated the world of music charts, those Queens and Princesses of Pop. And if you want to choose a slightly different direction, here is Singa’s compelling singlist called Feminist Karaoke.

Theme: Soundtracks to remember

Musical movies, broadway plays, film melodies, soundtracks, hymns of unforgettable stories set on-screen or the big stage. Broadway and movies are filled with legendary songs made famous by the stories behind them. Whether it’s Grease, The Sound of Music, or perhaps The Rocky Horror Picture Show, you’re sure to get a reaction from folks coming to your party.

Here are Singa singlists to get you started with memorable soundtracks:

Theme: Boy bands

What makes a boy band a boy band? Usually, it’s a group of young men, quite often teenagers or in their early twenties when they start, singing cheesy love songs. Boy band members are often kickass dancers, and their acts include highly choreographed performances. A lot of the time they like to hang out in all-white.

Luckily, there are many groups to pick from: The Osmonds, Menudo, New Kids on The Block, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Take That, Boyzone, Boyz II Men, Westlife, One Direction, BTS... and the list continues.    

Here are a bunch of songs from boybands. You can always search for any additional karaoke songs and boy bands here.

Theme: Animal friends

How about a theme party filled with animal prints, flamingo floats, and zebra toys? All karaoke songs would naturally somehow be related to our furry and not-so-hairy friends.

animal karaoke party ideas

Here are some songs to get the animal vibes going:

That completes our karaoke party themes this time around. Let us know what you think about our party ideas. Come up with your own party plans and create a Singa-powered karaoke song list here. Happy partying!

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