Singa Business is a modern professional karaoke software for pubs, bars and other nightlife venues.

Made for professional use, Singa Business Pro gives you access to tens of thousands of fully licensed high-quality karaoke songs, and it also fulfills your needs for a background music and digital signage service.

Our karaoke solutions for business

Singa Business Pro

The Rolls Royce of professional karaoke software, or Tesla, depending on your preference. It’s a reliable iPad app, rich with helpful features designed to empowered bars, pubs, nightclubs and other entertainment venues that run karaoke frequently. Singa Business Pro also comes with background music and built-in digital signage.

Singa Business Lite

For occasional use, we recommend Singa Business Lite. It’s a lighter and more affordable karaoke solution that runs directly on your web browser.

Singa Karaoke Box

For karaoke rooms & karaoke boxes, we've got you covered with Singa Karaoke Box. It's Singa Business Pro on steroids with dedicated features made for karaoke rooms, including a timer, session & device management, among other things.

Singa Karaoke box
Singa Business Plans & Features

How does Singa Business work?

Singa Business is an easy-to-use professional karaoke software. It can be easily wired or wirelessly set up to your existing PA & video system. Contact us and we will help you find the best setup and solution for your needs.

Let us tell you about the Singa Experience and how it works.

Offer your customers an unforgettable singing experience with Singa - Bulky karaoke machines belong to the past. Karaoke has never been easier!

Karaoke Player

Save time with the easy & smart drag'n'drop queue management feature. The queue management lets you see all the karaoke songs in line and easily rearrange their orders (should you need to). From the karaoke player view, you can also change the pitch and tempo of songs in real time. You're also able to manage your background music.

Singa's karaoke player put you in control and help create the best karaoke experience for you and your customers.

Singa Business Pro Dashboard
Singa Business Pro Dashboard

Song Requests

Your customers can use their mobile phones or your venue's Singa Discovery Stations for browsing, searching & requesting karaoke songs. Song requests will be shown automatically on your venue’s karaoke queue.

You can also make use of features like Auto Play & Auto Accept to automatize your karaoke experience.

Singa pro
Singa Discovery Station

Customizable Settings

Customizable settings allow you to create a karaoke experience that is most suitable for your venue and customers.

For example, you can enable the display of promotional texts, upcoming singers with wait time, and more!

singa pro's settings

Karaoke Songs - All the songs your customers love

Enjoy an ever-growing, fully-licensed library of tens of thousands of high-quality karaoke songs and hundreds of curated song lists. New songs are added weekly by the leading karaoke producers from around the world.

You can also access songs in different languages.

settings from which to choose the song's genre, language..

Digital Signage - Show ads on your screens

Increase sales by promoting your products and events with our built-in ad platform. Show ads before, after or even in-between karaoke sessions. You can show, for instance, food & beverage offers, upcoming events and menus on your screens.

Ads can be easily controlled in real-time on any devices from the Singa Business member page. You can also create and schedule ads for a specific time periods, days & times.

Singa Business Ad Manager

Background music - No awkward silence

We offer a complimentary background music service called Singa Radio, as well as several integrations with the most popular background music providers in the world. Choose your preferred music genre and enjoy the auto crossfading between karaoke and background music.

Singa Radio Background Music
Singa Radio Background Music

If you would like to learn more about Singa's professional karaoke solutions, you can check out our Singa Business Pro instructions playlist from Youtube.

And, you are more than welcomed to chat with us on or email us at