Karaoke jockeys (also known as KJ's or karaoke hosts) are often the ones who hype people up and encourage them to sing at karaoke bars. Yet they cannot deliver without a good professional karaoke software. Singa's professional karaoke software does all the heavy-lifting technically and makes sure the karaoke nights run smoothly from the beginning till the end, allowing karaoke hosts to focus on entertaining people and inviting them to join in the singing fun. The more engaged customers are with the karaoke action, the longer they will stay and the more they will spend on snacks and drinks (and the more likely they will return).

KJ's and Singa work naturally perfect together!

Let me show you how karaoke bars with KJ's benefit from using Singa karaoke system. (Tips: Feel free to scroll to the end for some quick bullet-points if you're short on time. I won't be offended.)

Singa helps bars and karaoke venues attract more customers

To all bars and entertainment venue owners and managers, don't you like getting more customers? With Singa Karaoke, not only could you run karaoke at your venue easily every night if you wish to, but you can also get more karaoke enthusiasts to find you thanks to the venue search feature on the Singa website and in the revolutionary consumer mobile app. You will also be a part of a warm worldwide karaoke family on Singa's social media (Facebook, Instagram).

Singa transforms the karaoke experience

From the exhausting old-fashioned karaoke nights...

Think about the routine of an old-fashioned karaoke night in practice: the KJ brings heavy equipment with an old pickup truck to the karaoke venue and spends hours to setup the system in the beginning of the night. Then when he's ready to start, the chaos begins. People keep on asking where they can find the beer-drenched karaoke books, song-request papers and pens. Then the KJ has to keep an eye on receiving those song-request paper pieces and keep them in some kind of order. After searching all the laserdiscs' back covers and hard drives, the KJ finds out that he actually doesn't have that Justin Bieber's song which was released last week and the karaoke singer has to pick a new song. After all this hassle, the KJ is so exhausted that he barely has the energy to moan out the name of the next singer.

Sounds familiar?

to the new ecstatic Singa karaoke party

With Singa, things just go so much smoother. The KJ can arrive at your venue and he's ready to start the karaoke party in two minutes. On the other hand, your venue is already packed when you open the doors because the crowd have found you through the Singa mobile app.

With the same app, your customers can browse Singa's gigantic song library and find the latest hits or the most classic karaoke bangers to sing. Customers can also request the karaoke songs straight from the mobile app or with the venue's check in pads. All the song requests will come straight to the song queue on the KJ's Singa Business Pro iPad with the singers' names and all the necessary details. The KJ can rearrange the song order if he needs too by drag-n-dropping. Karaoke queue management just got that much easier! Rotation of the singers is also quicker with Singa, so more people will get their chance to sing and have their moments in the spotlight.

singa's song on the phone
With Singa mobile app singers can practice singing at home, find your venue and send song requests straight to the KJ's Singa Business Pro iPad

With the technicality taken care of, your KJ can use all the saved time and energy to be present, entertain crowd and give them the time of their lives!

KJ's love Singa cause their life turns so much easier when they can leave all the heavy equipments like laserdiscs, laptops etc. at home. Instead they can focus on to do what they are best at: making an unforgettable memories for your customers who keep on coming night after night.

In addition, with the background music feature in Singa, your KJ can turn into a DJ in-between songs to keep the mood high. You can also run your drink offers or other advertisements on the screens through the Singa's ad management feature.

Don't take it from me, hear it from a Singa-powered venue.

UK-based KJ Flamingo Boss shares how he's made a success story with Singa Karaoke

Top reasons why KJ's love Singa

  • KJ's don't have to bring their own equipment with them -> from Singa they get a huge song library that can fulfill the needs of even the most demanding karaoke singers.
  • Singers can make karaoke song requests via the Singa mobile app or check-in pad -> song requests automatically come to the KJ's Singa Business Pro iPad -> KJ can focus on hosting and throwing a good show!
  • Singa has the integrated background music feature -> KJ can turn into DJ in-between karaoke songs easily using the same app.
Singa Business Pro iPad
Singa Business Pro iPad is so easy to use that your bar staff can run karaoke on quiet nights too

Top reasons why karaoke bar and venue owners love Singa

  • With Singa's venue search feature, karaoke enthusiasts can find your venue easily -> you get new customers.
  • With the ad manager feature you can run ads between songs -> increase sales
  • Singa is easy to use and with Singa Business Pro unlimited subscription you can run karaoke also by yourself whenever you want -> you always have something special to offer for your customers even on quiet Tuesday nights

So what are you waiting for? Let's turn a new page on your venue's history book and make your KJ and customers happier than ever! Book a free Singa demo or talk to one of our karaoke specialists and let's get things rolling.

Cover photo: Henri Juvonen / Apollo Live Club. Others: Singa Karaoke