During this fluctuant year, singing karaoke at home has kept the spirits up for many of us. And obviously, we at Singa want to make your karaoke sessions as fun and lovely as possible. In addition to the latest improvements to our web browser karaoke version, we have been working on making your mobile phone karaoke sessions even better than before!

Check from below, what we've improved this time, and get singing with your iOS or Android device by downloading the Singa app to your phone. Get the karaoke party started literally anywhere, any time, any way. Here's what's up.

1) We know, we know... you want to sing NOW! Let us introduce you to the fastest karaoke app on the planet

We have made improvements to our mobile streaming player, so that your songs will start playing faster than before. Just press play and start singing straight away!  

2) Portrait player is here! Sing it vertically, horizontally - however you prefer!

We used to think that your karaoke experience is at its best when you place your device on a horizontal position. However, we soon realized we can make it as good also vertically, and leave it up to you if you want to tilt your phone or not when you sing karaoke with your Singa app. Go and give a try to our new and shiny portrait player!

Sing it out from your mobile phone the way you like it!

3) Don't like instrumental breaks? Skip easily over parts.  

You know that feeling when you're singing a karaoke song, and then there's a long instrumental break and you don't really know what to do while it's playing? Or when there's a bridge in the song that you realize you've never heard of. Or when you really wanna re-do that chorus.

Have it your way, and focus on the parts you like! It's your party.

To make your life easier, we've added screen buttons for you to go 10 seconds back or forwards in the song. Have it your way, and focus on the parts you like!

Skip 10 secs forward if there's a part you rather don't sing.

4) Challenge yourself with the hardest ever karaoke songs - or go the easy way

We have, of course, been adding lots and lots of karaoke songs for you to sing. You can see all the new karaoke songs from your Singa app, web browser or Smart TV application.

To challenge yourself at your next karaoke session, try our ultimate list of the hardest karaoke songs. Get ready to scream, shout, whistle, and laugh!

Or if you feel like taking it easy the next time, try instead our list of easy karaoke songs for beginners and enjoy the ride.

Thank you for reading and happy singing! ❤️