Happy news for all you home karaoke singers! You asked, we listened and rolled our sleeves to work. And here's the result - Singa with improved features for your karaoke sessions!

We added to Singa's web browser version some heavily requested features, which will make your solo karaoke moments and your singing sessions with friends smoother, more fun - and simply better!

Let us introduce song queue and pop out karaoke player. Shall we take a quick look what are these new features about?

Song queue - add your favorites to the queue and sing without interruption!

Gather your karaoke songs to queue and sing with no interruption, when you're practising multiple songs or singing at your home karaoke parties!  

From now on you'll find a floating song queue from the bottom right corner of your browser window. You can add songs to the queue with "Add to queue" button, which you'll see when opening a song page, or from the thumbnail on top of the song cover, when browsing songs or singlists.

Add as many songs as you like to queue and start singing!

Just select the version, adjust the song settings if you like, and add to queue! Add as many as you like and start singing.

When the karaoke is playing, you'll see the the song queue under your karaoke player. With Autoplay songs automatically play, so you can concentrate fully on enjoying your singing all the way until the end of your song queue. Songs in the queue can be rearranged by drag and drop, the settings can be updated, or you can delete songs from the queue.

You'll also see the length of your queue, and you can clear the queue, if you need to end your karaoke session or if you feel like changing to completely different songs.

Pop out karaoke player - the perfect party karaoke!

You can play karaoke for example from your tv screen with the pop out player. 

Pop out and sing! Our new pop out player is perfect for karaoke parties or singing with a group. With pop out player you can open the karaoke player to a separate window or screen. This allows you or your karaoke buddies to browse songs while karaoke is still playing in a separate window.  

Here's our news this time! How do you like it? Improvement ideas? Let us know! Send your feedback to us to support@singa.com or as a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Have a singing day!

x Silja from Singa