Without a doubt, the hospitality sector has been hit hard by the Coronavirus storm this year. And when I say “hospitality”, I don’t just mean bars and restaurants but also hotels. With travel restrictions in place, hotels and accommodation services suffer from lower booking and occupancy rates, and thus need to look for new ways to keep their business going. And many are turning to karaoke, or more specially, karaoke rooms. After all, karaoke is an all time favourite entertainment activity that appeals to all age groups and can be adapted to different hotel concepts effectively.

In this blog post, I will skip the karaoke-at-the-hotel-bar talk and boldly put forward 2 new ways hotels can explore and reap the benefits of karaoke to attract customers and boost sales in this trying time as well as in the future.

1. Offer karaoke in your hotel suites. Take your guests' parties to the next level.

If your hotel has suites that you rent out for parties, karaoke could be a great fit in your room entertainment package. Singa works with smart TV besides web browsers, iPad and smartphones, so everyone in the room can see the lyrics on the big screen and sing along. The system is so intuitive that guests can comfortably operate on their own.

Let’s talk songs, too! Singa has an extensive catalogue of over 80 000 high-quality karaoke versions of both beloved classic songs and new hits. It surely can satisfy all your guests regardless of their music tastes and occasions. In fact, our catalogue is the biggest in the market. What’s more, guests can find singlists of carefully curated songs for their inspirations. For example, Singa has singlists of upbeat songs to get any parties started, timeless love songs, top 100 most popular karaoke songs, etc.

After all, music is an essential part of every party, if not the heart and soul. And all parties without karaoke suck! I am sure your guests will be super delighted with their upgraded party experience at your suites and leave you flying reviews 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

2. Dedicate a private karaoke room. Rent out by the hour.

If having karaoke at the hotel bar sounds so boring and maybe even noisy to you, and having it in your suite is just not enough, how about going in with a private karaoke room for your hotel? You may already have a private sauna for booking or conference room that you rent out; a private karaoke room works in the similar manner. Basically, you will rent out your karaoke room by the hours and sell complimentary drinks and snacks.

The private karaoke room (also known as karaoke booth, karaoke box, or KTV) concept, originating from East Asia, is getting more and more popular in the western world. You can choose a theme for your room, throw in some decorations and party gadgets to match with your hotel’s brand, and voila, your guest won’t be able to resist themselves from taking photos and sharing them on social media. User-generated-content, word-of-mouth marketing, anyone? Your karaoke room will be so fabulous that everyone, hotel guests or not, would want to visit them!

Want a real life case? Check out Generator Hotel Stockholm! They have recently transformed 2 of their hotel rooms into fabulous and bustling private karaoke rooms.

To sweeten the deal, a karaoke room doesn’t have to be big or costly to build (or convert). Learn how to turn your karaoke room into a profit-making machine here.

There you have it: 2 innovative ways to use karaoke as a part of your hotel entertainment offerings to attract customers and encourage their spending.

If you're interested in the idea of having karaoke for your hotel and would like to discuss more, do not hesitate to email our team or chat with us on our website. We would gladly consult you on how to best adapt karaoke to your hotel.