Everyone loves a good, bit out-of-control kinda karaoke party. We've all been there - it all starts with an innocent grab of the microphone, and suddenly you realize you are shouting Final Countdown with a stranger and killing it with your extravagant dance moves.

Occasionally, it can be a bit of a mood killer, when in the middle of the highest karaoke party peak someone (erm, maybe even you?) takes the stage and throws in your regular Hallelujah, Piano Man, or House of the Rising Sun.

Like, don't get me wrong. I love these songs, and they definitely have an irreplaceable role in karaoke singing. But let's face it - they might not get your feet bouncing or hips shaking in the dance floor. So when you're in the mood for proper partying, how about trying something else?

Here's our list of the best upbeat karaoke songs to get the parties started - and keep them going

Karaoke party with people
Karaoke party full on at Ruisrock Festival 2019 in Turku, Finland. 

1) UPTOWN FUNK - Bruno Mars

Sing the karaoke version of Uptown Funk here.

I mean, you can not not dance when you hear this song. Not to mention when you're singing it. Good one to get people going.

2) I LOVE ROCK'N'ROLL - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Sing the karaoke version of I love rock'n'roll here.

This 80's rock'n'roll song is easy to sing, and everyone - literally everyone - knows the chorus. Get them people bouncing! We love rock'n'roll!  

3) GET LUCKY - Daft Punk ft. Pharrel Williams

Sing the karaoke version of Get Lucky here.

Daft Punk's funky disco hit from 2013 has claimed it's place as a late night party song to get even the last ones from the party crowd up on the dance floor. Good one to start the party, boost the party, to restart the party, or to sing as the final song to end in and upbeat mode.

a person sings karaoke passionately
The right karaoke songs just set the party on fire! 

4) HIGHWAY STAR - Deep Purple

Sing the karaoke version of Highway Star here.

Highway star may not be the typical dance floor party song, but trust me - it'll get people going. Be prepared to see jumping, hair whipping, and just full on crazy-partying when hitting the stage with this one at a karaoke party.


Sing the karaoke version of Get the party started here.

The title pretty much says it all. Get the party started! On a Saturday night, Friday night, any day night.

6) DANCE MONKEY - Tones and I

Sing the karaoke version of Dance Monkey here.

This fun and corky pop song is one of the biggest hits in the recent years with almost 2 billion streams on Spotify. It does what it promises - makes you dance like a monkey.


Sing the karaoke version of The Real Slim Shady here.

Who can keep a straight face when you throw in a karaoke-rap performance with Eminem's lyrics about Discovery Channel, Britney Spears, and not giving a damn about a Grammy? Even though you couldn't really rap all the lyrics - it requires pro level - it'll do the job.

All righty, that's something to get started with. Are you in the party mood yet?

I hope you get your party up to the roof with these songs. And of course, there's plenty more - just navigate to our singlists Party Hits or Rock Party to continue the party.

Enjoy the party!