Ok, ok. Sorry for saying your event sucks. Most probably your event is great, but when it comes to festivals, afterparties, birthdays, corporate events, conferences, sports events, movie premiers, weddings, staff parties or gatherings of any kind, there's one thing that connects them all: successful events are damn hard to organize and easy to mess up. But luckily there's a secret ingredient that can spice up any event and transform it into an unforgettable party.

Ready? Ta-daa, it's (Singa) karaoke. Of course. Let me tell you why and how.

Karaoke & events, a match made in heaven

We've witnessed it a thousand times. The magical moment when a party comes to life after the first brave people step out of their comfort zones and grab the mic. Then it's a chain reaction that can't be stopped.

people singing karaoke from a big screen
Festival crowd at Ruishelmi 2019 singing their heart out.

The greatness of karaoke lies in the fact that it's a form of entertainment created by the people themselves. It's like a festival lineup formed by the audience. Pretty sweet deal for both the festival goer and organizer.

There's also an almost cathartic sense of togetherness when belting out Bohemian Rhapsody (or any other karaoke anthem) with a random group of new and old friends.

The best karaoke experience is achieved with a modern and easy-to-use solution like Singa Business. It's an iPad app that can be plugged into any screen and audio system. Your audience can request songs directly from their own mobile phones. If you want to elevate your event to the next karaoke level, drop us a line and we'll help you make it happen.

Ok. There was the sales pitch. Now let's continue to some inspiring examples of great event karaoke setups.

When festival karaoke turns into a karaoke festival

It's hard to find a group of people more ready to karaoke than a festival audience. Here's a few examples of great festival karaoke setups.

Let's start with Silent Karaoke. Wait, what? Yep, we teamed up with Silent Disco King in the UK and invented a whole new entertainment form at Isle of Wight Festival. We quickly noticed karaoke adds a whole new dimension to the silent disco experience and creates a singing party like no other.  

It's a great way for event producers to organize a party without any amplified sound and for festival goers it's a truly unforgettable experience.  See for yourself from the video below.

If silent is not your thing and you want to make some serious noise, maybe the Truck Festival approach is more to your liking?

Festival crowd at Truck Festival 2019 singing the night away

How about jumping on the festival main stage? Hell yes, singing belongs to everyone. Not just professionals or pop stars.

Karaoke on a festival main stage is the next big thing!

Inspired by the fantasylands of Georgian London, the RA transformed into a re-imagined pleasure garden for a magical summer’s night in London 2018. As a part of this amazing event, there had to be karaoke. And not just any karaoke, but drag karaoke organized by our friends from Karaoke Hole. Powered by Singa, naturally. Check out all the amazing pics here.

Karaoke magic at Royal Academy
Karaoke magic at the Royal Academy's Summer Night in 2018

A wonderful karaoke box venue SING SING took Singa karaoke experience to Way Out West festival in their hometown Gothenburg, Sweden. Delicious Vietnamese food + best karaoke in the world was a winning combo. If not convinced, ask Sigrid  or First Aid Kit's Johanna Söderberg 😉

Ruisrock - one of the biggest and most legendary music festivals in Northern Europe celebrated their 50th anniversary year with an indoor mini festival that had, of course, Singa karaoke on a big screen at a movie theater. For two days, festival goers sang their hearts out middle and during big artists playing in the next room.

people sing karaoke together
Festival karaoke crowd at Ruishelmi 2019.

How about karaoke on wheels? Because why not, right? Let me introduce you to Singa on Wheels karaoke bike that can ride to any event, party or festival and make people smile, and sing!

When a conference karaoke becomes a karaoke conference

After all the new learnings and tireless networking that happens at any conference, one needs to blow off some steam. There's really no better way to do it than organizing a proper karaoke party. Here's few good examples from Slush in Helsinki and TechChill in Riga.

Slushians singing their hearts out in various karaoke parties during 2019 event.
man singing karaoke in Riga
Karaoke pitching at Techchill 2019 in Riga

Karaoke in sports events? Hell yes!

15 000 hockey fans wants to help their team to the win by chanting their support songs? No problem. Let's plug Singa Business to the media cube hanging in the ceiling and let them sing!

 Fans singing karaoke to support their team
15 000 Fans singing karaoke to support their team at Jokerit KHL hockey game.

Big screen karaoke party at a movie premiere

The film crew from Iron Sky wanted something special to celebrate their long awaited premier of the sequel to their legendary scifi comedy. The result was an epic big screen karaoke in one of the biggest screens in the theatre complex, using custom made background videos that the film crew had prepared for this special occasion.  

Gigantic Open Air Karaoke with a gigantic screen

Inspired by the legendary Sunday outdoor karaoke in Mauerpark, Berlin, we organized our own version in the centre of Helsinki and added a bit of new flavor by using the biggest digital screen in the Nordics.

How about open air karaoke in minus degrees? No problems. We took our Singa Open Air Karaoke concept to a Xmas market and people came, they sang and kept warm with the power of song and some mulled wine.

Open Air karaoke
Singa Open Air Xmas Karaoke 2018

Alrighty then! Are you ready to make your event audience sing? Contact us at sales@singabusiness.com or book a free demo from Singa Business