One of the best ways a bar, venue, or establishment can increase its monthly revenue is by creating karaoke rooms. After investing in the needed equipment and tools, karaoke rooms are a reliable source of income for your establishment. Most businesses rent karaoke rooms to customers per person, by the hour, or both. Even if your karaoke rooms only make $100 a day in pre-booking, that's still an additional $3,000 a month for your business!

Once you have the setup and a steady flow of customers, it's time to get strategic with your marketing and your karaoke room ideas so that you can increase your food and beverage revenue as well.

Incorporating food and beverage sales into the cost of the karaoke rooms is a great revenue booster - and can even improve the customer experience when done correctly.

Here are five karaoke room ideas you can use to improve food and beverage sales at your establishment.

1. Increasing the minimum room booking time

Once your karaoke rooms are set up and ready to be used, you'll likely start taking pre-bookings online or over the phone. When approaching the pre-booking experience, consider increasing the maximum room booking time. While 30 minutes or an hour minimum might be an easier sell, in our experience, around 1:45 - 2 hours is the golden time for drink orders and entertainment.

One hour is often not enough for a lot of food or drink orders. Plus, let's be honest, is an hour really enough time to get your karaoke fix? Probably not!

If you're only booking hour or half-hour time slots, your staff will likely only get one or two rounds of drink orders in that period. Increasing your minimum time can ensure your team can get in a handful of orders - increasing the food and drink value of every karaoke room booked.

2. Complementary salty snacks

Ever wonder why bars have free popcorn, chips, or salty snacks hanging around for customers? The reason is that consuming salty snacks will get you to order more drinks and drink faster. Every time you snack on popcorn, you'll continue to sip your beers quicker and inevitably order more.

people eating, drinking and singing karaoke
Star Karaoke offers free popcorn at their venue, and on Thursdays they even offer free pizza. 

This is a tried and true method used by many bars to encourage drink orders. It can also be a great strategy to keep your karaoke-loving customers thirsty throughout the session.

You can use this method by including salty snacks in the karaoke room package. You can market it as free popcorn, peanuts, or chips in each room. Customers will think they're getting more bang for their buck - but you'll really be convincing them to drink more. It's a win-win for everyone!

3. Offer digital menus and order by phone

The truth is – we live in a digital world. Where people want to easily browse your menu from their smartphone device to decide what they want to eat or drink. They want to be able to order drinks, snacks, and food to their table in real time, and they don't want to wait for the waiter to come back around or stand in a long line at the bar.

You can use this digital trend to your advantage by making it easy for customers to order food and drink pairings in their private karaoke rooms.

Whether you have an iPad station or a QR code where people can easily order drinks and food directly to the room. This turns to ordering food and drink pairings an easy and seamless process for your customers and will encourage them to continue to order more throughout the night.

QR code menu at Boom Battle Oxford
QR code menu at Boom Battle Oxford

4. Create packages customers can preorder

Packaging food and drink pairings with room booking is a great way to offer your customers special deals and offers. This frictionless experience will encourage your team to order food and drink pairings up front. Doing this also allows your staff to preplan their nights and to get the food and drinks ready in advance - streamlining the experience and keeping your karaoke singers happy throughout their time.

Group of people with drinks and food singing in a karaoke room.

When creating packages, consider what makes the most sense for your audience and what sells the best at your establishment. You can create food bundles and drink offers based on different moods and foods. Whether it's appetizers, dinner for everyone, or light snacks - these are great add-ins that will increase your karaoke room revenue before they even start to sing.

5. Encourage customers to stay later

Who says the fun needs to end when their time runs out? When a reservation ends, you can give your customers a special discount on food, drinks, and anything they order from the bar that night. Having other social entertainment opportunities like darts, shuffleboard, and pool available in you venue can also be a great addition.

This will encourage them to keep the party going at your bar or venue even are their time ends. Most individuals love a good deal and won't want to pass up on an opportunity to save a few bucks after.

Two men playing shuffle board in Oleary's.
O'Learys offers a variety of entertainment options in addition to their karaoke rooms. 

Take your customer experience to the next level with Singa

Once you start incorporating food and beverage sales into your karaoke room experience, you'll see a steady growth in revenue over time. To ensure you're providing the best possible karaoke experience, you'll want to have karaoke software like Singa in all of your rooms.

View of Singa Box mode showing the song selection page and queue.
Singa Box Mode is designed to create the ultimate karaoke room experience. 

Our software is designed with your customers in mind. We make it easy to create fun-filled, user-friendly experiences for your customers. Once you're set up with Singa, your customers will have access to an always-growing library of songs and a next-level karaoke experience they won't find anywhere else.

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