Plans & Pricing

Simple and light
Singa Business Lite
Singa Business Lite

A simple browser-based karaoke solution for pubs, KJs and events.

Full system for heavy usage
Singa Business Pro
Singa Business Pro

Karaoke, background music, display advertising, mobile song request. A complete system designed for bars, nightclubs and entertainment venues.

For karaoke boxes
Singa Business Box
Singa Business Box

Timer, device & session management and other smart features tailored for karaoke boxes.

Singa Business Sing-along A sing-along solution to improve mental and physical wellbeing at care homes, schools and workplaces.

What is the best product for you?

Singa Business LiteSinga Business Lite
Singa Business ProSinga Business Pro
Singa Business BoxSinga Business Box
Tens of thousands of karaoke songs
Background music
Run promos between songs
Offline mode
Mobile song request
Venue promotion in consumer app
Discovery & Check-in station
Digital mixer integration
Session management
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