Private karaoke rooms are becoming a popular experience at bars, clubs, and event spaces everywhere. The reason bars are turning to this karaoke alternative is it’s a great way to bring people together. They’re inviting and fun! Creating the ultimate private experience for small groups looking to have a great night out with their friends or family.

Private karaoke rooms are commonly referred to as KTV or a karaoke booth. They’re medium-sized rooms designed for karaoke experiences for small, intimate groups. With this type of experience, your business has an opportunity to make it your own. Sometimes, bars and clubs will go all out and make every private karaoke room a different theme or look. You can also play with the size of the room, the group size, and the look and feel: the choice is yours.

The best part? The benefits for bars, restaurants, or clubs. Each customer that enters a karaoke room is charged an hourly fee. If the group is in there having the time of their life, your drink and food sales will increase, because they’ll never want to go home!

If you’re a restaurant or bar looking to enhance the customer experience by adding a private karaoke room at your location, you’ve come to the right place.

If you want to learn more about the karaoke room business concept check out our karaoke room business guide here.

What to look for in a karaoke room software?

When it comes to private room karaoke software, you want to ensure it has all of the capabilities necessary to create an experience for the individual. Most private karaoke rooms are rented on an hourly basis and are self-operating. So, you’ll need features that make it easy for your employees to set a timer for a group and allow it to work without you being there. Outside of that, you want to ensure it meets your customer's needs, too!

Here are a few things to look for:

  • A timer
  • Extensive playlist of songs
  • Autoplay
  • Remote Control
  • Easy-to-use system
  • Set up for groups
  • Display advertising

Here are our top private karaoke room software choices:

1. Singa

Image from Singa

Singa is leading the new era of karaoke in bars, nightclubs, and entertainment venues looking to enhance their experience with flexible karaoke kiosk software. With their business packages, you’ll have access to tens of thousands of karaoke songs and built-in background music designed to enhance the atmosphere.

Their ktv system software is easy-to-use with modern features tailored to your unique customer experience. Singa also offers packages that are for private room karaoke sessions that are perfect for small groups looking to put on a show with their friends and family.

two girls singing Singa karaoke

Pricing: Singa has three different packages. Singa Business Lite is $59/Month, Singa Business Pro $139/Month, and Singa Business Box $199/Month.


  • Business Pro has smart features for karaoke boxes, such as a timer, AutoPlay, Kiosk Mode, and Remote Control.
  • Provides a touchless experience and easy ways to request karaoke songs directly from a mobile app.
  • Best priced option for the number of features and capabilities.
  • New songs are added constantly


  • The business lite package doesn’t have as many built-in features or provide the full Singa experience for private room karaoke systems.

2. Karafun

Image from

Karafun is a well-known name in the karaoke industry that's been enhancing the customer experience for over 16 years. This is a popular karaoke box software solution for individual karaoke singers and businesses. They’re much different than the other solutions. In fact, Karafun doesn’t have an app for their service. Instead, they generate a URL that individuals can access from their mobile devices before they get on stage. They also add over 400+ songs every month, so you can rest assured you'll have access to new and trending music.

Pricing: Karafun has one complete solution for businesses to get started that’s $199/month per room.


  • Karafun provides the resources you need to manage your karaoke box software.
  • The technology comes with tech guides and easy setup instructions.
  • Karaoke app features for your customers, such as sending selfies and photos in real-time


  • Song choices are limiting, and you only get access to 79,000 songs.
  • A pricer option on the market, especially if you have a larger location that requires more than one karaoke room.
  • Don’t currently have custom playlist options or advertising options, only logo display.
  • Doesn’t have the most refined or easy search capabilities.

3. Sunvig

Sunvig karaoke two person room in the corner of a pub.
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Sunvig is an exciting karaoke system for businesses, bars, and restaurants. The best private room karaoke software option available is their Karaoke Kabin. This is an arcade-style solution that invites customers to enjoy karaoke as a game rather than an experience with friends and family. The Kabin has the look and feel of an arcade game with all the kts system software features you need. Customers can easily go up to the Kabin, pay at the machine, and walk in with one of their friends. After each person sings a song, the player with the best score wins!

Pricing: All pricing is on request


  • Doesn’t require an app or a tablet or clunky karaoke equipment.
  • Contactless payment options, so your employees don’t need to be involved.


  • Most songs are EU and might not be the best solution for other countries.
  • No advertising or promotional solutions are built-in.
  • Has more of a game feel rather than a private room
  • Karaoke Kabin can only accommodate two people at once

4. BAM Karaoke

Bam Karaoke kiosk in a room.
Image from

BAM Karaoke has a modern karaoke kiosk software solution that can accommodate one to 200 individuals. This is a stand-alone mobile music box great for corporate or pop-up events. It’s a temporary solution with over 25,000 songs to choose from on an always-growing playlist. BAM also allows you to create your own playlist before your event, so you can stick with a theme if you please!

If you aren’t looking for an event-style karaoke private room, they also have the Karaoke Kiosk. It’s similar to a jukebox, with all of the capabilities of a ktv player software. The Karaoke Kiosk is a stand-alone mobile, immersive experience you can put in a private room. It has over 30,000 songs, 40 playlists, and 2 wireless microphones.

Pricing: All pricing for Karaoke Kiosk and the private events is available upon request


  • Great solutions for special events
  • High-quality equipment
  • Set up is taken care of for you


  • Not the best permanent solution for businesses
  • Karaoke Kiosk is more like an arcade game than a private room solution
  • Higher price for one-time event options
  • Karaoke Kiosk can only be delivered in Metropolitan France

5. Lucky Voice

Lucky Voice Singstation
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For people in the United Kingdom’s karaoke scene, Lucky Voice might be the first name to come to mind when thinking about karaoke. Having been around since 2005, Lucky Voice is one of the leading karaoke companies in the UK, and they operate in a wide sector of the business — from running private room karaoke venues to event solutions and licensable software and technology for karaoke.

Lucky Voice’s “The Singstation” is the solution the company offers for private karaoke venue business. There are two options for  Singstation: Singstation and Singstation+, with some upgraded features. Both options include the karaoke player, microphones, and the software with 9000+ fully licensed karaoke songs. For your karaoke room, you’ll need a screen, PA system and an internet connection to put Singstation in action.

Pricing: Singstation starts from £3250 plus service, and Singstation+ from £3750 plus service based on their website. Ask for a quote for your needs!


  • Includes microphones and inbuilt audio processing — easy for singers to adjust the volume and some other settings without any extra hassle
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable features for branding and promotional messaging
  • Playlists available to browse for singers


  • Song count is limited: around 11 000 songs, with around 30 new songs added monthly.
  • Singstation has an inbuilt mixer, so if you prefer to use a standard audio mixer, this is not the best option.

6. The Songs Laboratory

The Songs Laboratory karaoke software
Image from

The Songs Laboratory is an iOS and desktop based software for professional use for all types of entertainment venues. The Paris-based karaoke solution is by the established French karaoke company BAM Karaoke, yet the “TSL” product itself seems to be a fairly new launch in the market. Karaoke with TSL can be run with an iOS device, such as an iPad, and can be plugged into a screen and PA system, in the similar style as some other options in the market.

Pricing: not publicly available, but they say to offer flexible payment plans!


  • Private karaoke room optimal features, like a session timer
  • Selections of songs in English, French, Spanish, Korean, plus other languages
  • Modern and intuitive user interface
  • Playlists available for singers to browse


  • Only 40 000 karaoke songs currently available

Upgrade your customer experience with private room karaoke software

With the right karaoke room software by your side, you’ll be able to take your customer experience to the next level. Your business will be the go-to spot on the weekends where everyone in your community comes together and makes memories that last a lifetime.

If you’re ready to make the investment, you can’t go wrong with Singa. It’s the top choice for a karaoke room system with the best benefits for the right price.

Request more information today to see how Singa can upgrade your bar, nightclub, or social entertainment venue today.