So, you want to build your own private karaoke rooms?

Karaoke rooms are a fun way to bring people together to sing their hearts out and connect with their coworkers, friends, or family. They provide a private yet public atmosphere that’s stimulating and will keep customers coming back for more. If you have the space in your bar, nightclub, or venue and are ready to jump on this trend - you’ll need the best professional karaoke systems.

While this might seem like an easy enough task, there’s a lot more that goes into creating a setup than one might think. A professional karaoke room system needs all of the professional equipment that a traditional karaoke setup needs, but on a much smaller scale.

We’re here to give you the breakdown of equipment and tools you need to successfully build your own karaoke rooms.

Let’s take a closer look:

What does a professional karaoke room system need?

If you’re going to build a professional karaoke room system from scratch, there’s a ton of technology and equipment you'll need to have in each room to be successful. This equipment ensures customers can have a self-service karaoke experience in their private rooms and won't need to bother your employees when a song ends.

Graphic showing a karaoke room system and the parts that go into it. The graphic shows how to connect them together.

If you plan to buy all of the equipment a la carte, here's what you'll need:


The main cable you’ll need is an HDMI cord. This cable connects everything.


An iPad is used to help individuals queue up songs, pick from a song catalog, and browse through playlists. Without an iPad, individuals may need to use their smartphone, which can disrupt the customer experience.


The size of the karaoke room will determine the type and size of the speaker you need. Since these spaces are usually small and enclosed, you could go with a smaller, less powerful speaker and still get the same effect.

Karaoke Software

The software provides each karaoke room access to a catalog of songs they can queue up and sing with their friends. They also make it easy to manage your karaoke rooms and utilize features like time & session management, kiosk mode, and pre-made singlists. Learn more about karaoke room software here.


Each karaoke room needs at least one big or medium-sized screen. This will help customers fully immerse themselves in the experience and make it easier for them to read the lyrics.


A mixer is needed in every karaoke room to connect the microphones to the speakers. For a karaoke room setup, all you need is a simple 4 to 6-channel mixer with inbuilt effects that do the job perfectly. Some of the best brands for a mixer are Mackie, Yamaha, and Behringer.


Can't have karaoke without microphones! Depending on the size of the rooms, each room should have at least one to two microphones. If it's a larger space, you may want to consider adding a microphone so that it can accommodate a group performance. Check out our professional karaoke microphone suggestions here.

What software do you need with your system?

A karaoke room system set up in a karaoke room in a bar.

To have a successful karaoke room that will keep customers entertained and engaged, you'll need software like Singa for Business. Singa unlocks access to the largest, fully licensed karaoke song catalog. This software also has a suite of features businesses can benefit from, such as digital signage and session management tools.

With Singa, you don't need to worry about adding a bulky karaoke machine to each karaoke room. This software can be run from an iPad for a modern and fun singing experience.

Singa pro view
Singa Business 

What are the best ready-to-go karaoke systems for karaoke rooms?

1. Rockville RPG2X10

Rockville RPG2X10 karaoke system

The RPG2x10 is a smaller PA set that is versatile and high-quality. The system includes two speakers, a mixer, two wired microphones, and the cables you need to connect everything. This system is small, portable, and easy to use. So you can feel confident that your customers will figure out how to use it on their own once you get them set up in a karaoke room.

The professional karaoke system also has Bluetooth, USB, and SD listening options, so you can easily connect your iPad and set your customers up for success. You'll still need to purchase an Ipad, karaoke software, and a screen for the complete experience.


  • 10 Inch speakers that are lightweight, portable, yet powerful
  • Comes with two speakers with stands
  • Easy and quick setup


  • This is a smaller PA system, if you have a large venue, you may want to go with a bigger option

2. Rockville Pro Powered 8”

Rockville Pro Powered 8” karaoke system

The Rockville Pro Powered 8" Karaoke Machine is the perfect setup for computers, iPads, and tablets. It allows you to connect to your devices and create a next-level karaoke experience for customers within seconds. This setup includes a professional DJ speaker, two wireless handheld microphones, an RCA audio cable, and a dual RCA cable. Singers can also easily adjust the sound and volume on the microphones to keep the music at an enjoyable volume while in the karaoke room.

With this setup, you’ll still need to invest in screens, an iPad, and trusted karaoke software.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Lower cost alternative compared to other options


  • Much smaller than other karaoke systems. If you have a bigger karaoke room that accommodates large groups, you may want to consider upgrading to a bigger setup.

3. Rockville 15" Portable Karaoke Machine

portable karaoke system

Don't want to make karaoke rooms an every-night attraction? Consider the Rockville portable setup. This karaoke machine is a portable, versatile, and Bluetooth-ready setup perfect for any size karaoke room setup. It includes two wireless mics and can easily connect to any iPad, computer, or phone. Singers can easily adjust the speaker and microphone volume for the perfect singing experience.

If this is the setup you want to go with, you'll need an iPad, karaoke software, and screens to get started. Once everything is set up, customers will have the opportunity to start singing their own karaoke session in seconds.


  • Low cost and easy to set up
  • Comes with a 15" Amplified Portable Pro Audio Speaker


  • Portable, if you're looking for a permanent system you may want to consider a different setup
  • Only has an analog output, so you'll need a converter if your screens have a digital output

Build a Professional Karaoke Setup with Singa

Singa karaoke set-up in a karaoke room in Sing Sing Gothenburg.

If you're looking for an innovative second line of income, you can't go wrong with karaoke rooms. Once your customers are set up and start singing, they'll never want to leave! This will boost your food and alcohol sales and help you attract new customers.

If you’re serious about building a professional karaoke setup for your karaoke rooms, you need the right software in your karaoke rooms. Karaoke software ensures all your karaoke-loving customers have everything they need to have a good time at your establishment.

At Singa, we have an extensive collection of songs to choose from, so you can feel confident that your customers will never get bored while they’re singing their hearts out. Our software is easy to use and even easier to set up, so you can feel confident that your customers can use the software without disrupting your employees.

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