Live music is finally back in bars, terraces, and other nightlife venues - and so is singing karaoke! If you're currently limiting your venue's entertainment offering to only live music, adding karaoke to your entertainment package might be a good idea. We have some pretty good arguments for that. Let's go!

3 ways your live music venue can benefit from karaoke

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1. Karaoke is a great pre- and post-gig entertainment, making customers spend more time (and money) at your venue

By offering karaoke at your venue, you can have customers come in earlier and stay later at your venue as karaoke makes a great pre-game and afterparty for a live music show. You can thrill the audience using the same stage where their favorite artists came to play a show. You already have the equipment there. Make your customers feel like rockstars and keep the party going!

A study finds that karaoke has a significant positive influence in attracting people to entertainment venues

A study finds that karaoke has a significant positive influence in attracting people to entertainment venues, encouraging them to stay longer and resulting in increased sales. Singing, waiting for your turn and watching others sing could be extremely addictive. Hence people tend to spend more time and money in venues with karaoke. You can download the study from our website!

2. You can do more cost-efficient and hassle-free music nights when there's no live act scheduled

Though live music evenings are terrific and can attract tons of customers to your venue, they require considerable effort from your side. You'll need either to have a dedicated show booker booking your live acts, or you and your staff take care of booking bands, selling tickets, co-ordinating soundchecks, doing marketing for the event, etc. So, you probably don't run live music every night at your venue because of the time and energy to get it all going.

Read here our deep dive in what it takes to run live music or karaoke at your venue.

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However, by running karaoke on the nights you're not having a live act, you can attract crowds (your existing music lovers or new audiences) to your bar without much hassle. You can, for example, set up a self-service karaoke station that the customers can use on their own. Or you can even set up a karaoke room at your venue if you have some spare space to use.

Read here on how to get started with your karaoke room!

As a note, to get people's attention to your karaoke evenings, you should add posters about it to your venue, add it to your website, and post about it on your social media! We also frequently re-post events, photos and videos from our Singa-powered venues to let people know about cool happenings in the karaoke world.

3. You have the equipment ready - put them in use!


If you have a PA system with a mixer, a screen, and microphone or a few, you're pretty much set to start the karaoke with not many additional hardware acquisitions.

To start offering karaoke, you'll need a karaoke software with karaoke tracks licensed for commercial use, and a device from where you can stream the karaoke tracks. If you choose to use Singa, you can use either a computer for the browser-based Singa Business Lite, or an iPad with the Singa Business Pro to unlock all the advanced features for the most seamless karaoke experience. You won't be needing old school karaoke tickets as your customers can send song requests to you directly from their own mobile devices.

Check the Singa Business Pro and Sing Business Lite features in more detail here!

Try karaoke now and see how it goes!

For the best karaoke evenings at your venue, we recommend you use the Singa Business Pro karaoke software.

Singa Business is a modern professional karaoke software for pubs, bars and other nightlife venues. Made for professional use, Singa Business gives you access to tens of thousands of fully licensed high-quality karaoke songs. Our Pro product also fulfills your needs for a background music and digital signage service.

We currently offer 1 month free Singa Business Pro for new customers*. Leave your details here or contact our sales team.

*The offer is not valid in the United States. For karaoke lovers in the US, please contact +1 850 510 7175 (Michael) or email

Let the singing start at your venue!

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