In our Singa blog series so far we have looked at how Karaoke rooms can generate your venue profit and what the benefits are of a karaoke room but what about the set up and running of a karaoke room? Once you've made your decision that a karaoke room is for your venue, Singa is here to help guide you through set up and maintenance.

Where Can I Have a Karaoke Room?

You might be thinking that a karaoke room sounds like a great idea for your business but you're wondering about the space. 'Karaoke Room' is a loose term, we have customers all over the world that have been creative with their karaoke rooms - we have seen old storage cupboards transformed, spaces roped off or sectioned away from main areas with perspex screens, right through to karaoke rooms that have been at the centre of the architectural plans for a new venue.

Whether you need a sound proofed room is something that depends on the type of your business and whether other customers will mind hearing karaoke in the background, in some places it adds to the vibe, in others, maybe not so appropriate.

How To Set Up a Karaoke Room

karaoke room

When you've found your space, let's talk about set up and what you will need to get started. If you have come across Singa before, you will know that karaoke is not what it used to be. Karaoke is no longer stuck in the 80's and the whole karaoke experience has been modernised. There's no longer a need for big karaoke equipment or 100's of disks and song books. But there will be a few bits of hardware you will need. We have listed them below:

  • Microphones - it's advisable to have at least two for duets and a couple of spares
  • A TV - to display the lyrics
  • An iPad - to run your Singa software and a HDMI cable to connect to the TV
  • A mixer - for your microphones
  • Speakers -  for the output

Karaoke software like Singa will do the rest of the work for you. Operating like a streaming service, your customers will have access to over 80 000 songs, you can access playlists or organise a queue for singers.

Karaoke Rooms are Low Maintenance

karaoke room with singa's equipment

Once your karaoke room is up and running, it is easily maintained. Most karaoke rooms are run on a pre-book basis, like the one at Hogarths, Stafford. They prebook 2-3 hour slots throughout the week. You can choose whether you want to charge to hire out your karaoke room but there other models. Hogarths for example take a £10 per person deposit and turn this into a bar tab upon arrival.

You will need to leave time between bookings to clean and tidy the room before the next slot.

If you are new to the karaoke room business, it might be a good idea to use marketing tools at your disposal to advertise your new and exciting entertainment offering. Social media is a great way of doing this as well as using the screens in your venue and updating your website.

We love a chat and we are happy to help advise you on your karaoke room set up and ideas anytime. Visit our website here and get in touch today!