Axe throwing is a trending activity that has grown increasingly popular over the years. It's a great team-building activity that's both interactive and entertaining. Whether you're looking for a fun-filled way to mix up Friday nights or you're planning a night out with your coworkers, an axe-throwing bar is the place to be when you're looking for a good time!

However, if your bar or establishment only offers axe throwing, you may feel you've reached your revenue limits. To continue to grow your axe-throwing bar and see a steady increase in profits month over month, you must think outside the box and start getting creative with your marketing and offerings.

axe throwing lines in a bar.
Boom Battle Bar, Oxford offers a combination of axe throwing and various other entertainment options.

In this article, we'll look at five fun ways to attract new customers to your establishment and keep your axe-throwing business the talk of the town.

Here are five axe-throwing bar ideas to consider:

1. Add a karaoke room

Individuals who love axe throwing are looking for a good time. They want to relax, unwind, and enjoy fun-filled activities with friends, family, or coworkers. Adding a karaoke room is a great way to expand your offering and continue connecting with an audience looking for entertaining outlets on the weekends and weekdays. With software like Singa and a high-end karaoke setup, this investment can provide a steady stream of revenue and help you connect with a new prospective audience.

karaoke room with a screen and two microphones.
Karaoke room at O'Learys, Vilnius

Once you add a karaoke room, you can offer special rates for customers to continue the party after their axe throwing session ends. You can also market your new offerings on social media or email marketing.

2. Run promotions or host a happy hour

You can't beat a great deal! If you struggle with slow weekdays or weekends, consider running a special promotion or happy hour. This is a great way to entice individuals to come in, have fun, and enjoy a great time with their friends and loved ones. Whether it's a mid-week special, a two-for-one deal, or a Groupon discount. The beauty of promotions is the versatility of the approach. You'll want to try to mix up your promotions and happy hours at least once every few months. This way, you can test what works best for your axe throwing bar.

To maximize the results, you'll want to share the promotions or happy hour through social media, email marketing, or other traditional forms of marketing. This will ensure you hit your target audience and keep them engaged through various outlets.

3. Host themed nights during the week

Themed nights are a fun way to connect with a niche audience and attract a new customer base into your establishment during the slow time of the week. Whether it's 80s night, a luau, or taco Tuesday. Adding a theme is a great way to add a playful spin to an everyday experience and keep your axe throwing bar top of mind with your target audience.

man singing karaoke wearing props.
The Melody Club, Gothenburg offers customers props to dive into the themes.

With the right marketing and approach, you can entice individuals to come in and enjoy axe throwing, drink specials, and more. Consider planning your themed days for the month and marketing them to your current customer base. This will help improve word-of-mouth marketing and keep your community talking about your establishment.

4. Utilize social media

Social media is arguably the most powerful marketing channel for your bar to build a community and increase brand awareness. When you post on Facebook groups, interact with your followers, and maintain a positive reputation on various social media platforms, you can build connections with a new audience and introduce them to your offerings.

To maximize your results with social media for your axe throwing business you'll want to:

  • Post regularly on Instagram and Facebook
  • Create and maintain a content calendar
  • Add in user-generated content to show the vibe and atmosphere of your establishment
  • Share event flyers, themed nights, special deals, and more

Get creative and find what works best for your bar! With a bit of trial and error, you can develop a next-level social media strategy that aligns with your business goals and helps you increase your revenue.

5. Get creative with traditional forms of marketing

Flyers, handouts, and ads in local newspapers are traditional marketing tactics that can provide next-level results. When you get creative with your designs and focus on using your content to build connections with your audience, you can continue to bring in a steady flow of income and get new prospects in through the door.

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