Digital signage is a valuable traditional marketing tactic restaurants can use to advertise deals, happy hours, special events, promos, and more. When done correctly, digital signage is an eye-catching tool great for conveying messages and interacting with your target audience.

The minute someone walks into your restaurant, they're greeted with deals, specials, and any other marketing messaging you want to showcase for the week, month, or even just for the day. You can have flexibility with your timing and get as creative as you want with your messaging. Since the signs are digital, you can make timely announcements and better utilize the space you have to highlight your marketing initiatives.

Whether you're opening a new restaurant and exploring different marketing tools or looking to try something new - you've come to the right place. We're here to walk you through five different ways your establishment can use digital signage to your advantage.

Here are 5 digital signage tips for restaurants to boost revenue:

1. Combining digital signage with a karaoke room

Private karaoke rooms provide an intimate atmosphere to bring customers together to sing with their friends and family. While they're in the rooms singing their favorite tunes, they'll order drinks and food while singing their heart's out until their time ends. During their private karaoke room session, you can remind them of your deals, daily specials, or upcoming events. You can also go as far as to display karaoke room specials for these customers during their singing sessions.

Group of people in a karaoke room with digital signage in the background.
Ad display in a karaoke room at O'Learys

Incorporating digital signage in the karaoke rooms is a great way to keep your deals top of mind and remind your customers of your offering. Whether you present a special offer just for karaoke singers or use the space to market your happy hour deals - you'll have anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to market to your customers.

Karaoke platforms like Singa have digital signage built into the software, so you can easily upload your marketing messaging and keep your customers engaged in real time. Every time they go to pick a song or sing a tune, your signage will be on display for the whole party to see.

A digital sign displaying an ad for a music quiz.
Bollbrolyckans promotes music trivia events to their karaoke singers.

2. Use social media to your advantage

Social media is a powerful tool that can help you attract new customers, inspire them to try new drinks, and get more customers in through the door. As a restaurant, you can use user-generated content and social media posts in your digital signage strategy to build credibility and showcase what other customers say about your food and drinks.

To make this work, you can encourage your customers to share photos of their time with a hashtag. From there, there are tools you can use to create a live stream you can showcase on digital signage in your establishment. Once you have a library of user-generated content generated from social media, you can use it in all of your upcoming marketing campaigns outside of your digital signage.

3. Switch to digital menus

Digital menus provide flexibility and are more eco-friendly than traditional print menus. With digital menus, you can switch out your deals, add promo units, and continue to find innovative ways to market your restaurant to your customers. Digital signage also ensures you have clear, crisp images of your food and drinks to show your customers what you have to offer.

Once you switch to digital menus, you can seamlessly update your signage to showcase daily specials, happy hour deals, themed nights, and more.

4. Add personality to your messaging

There's no reason you need to always be so serious with your marketing! When you add personality to your messaging, you humanize your brand and show your customers the best side of your restaurant. With fun, playful messaging, you can inspire your customers to keep coming back for more. It will also enhance the vibe and atmosphere of your establishment, giving your customers fun photo opportunities.

Adding personality to your messaging is also a great way to get customers to share photos of your restaurant online! This will expand your reach and get more customers into the doors.

5. Have a wait time countdown clock

Are the weekends super busy? Are you tired of having your host repeat the wait times all night? A wait time countdown clock is a great way to keep your customers informed and to make your hostess's life easier. When a customer walks in, they'll see how long the wait will be and can decide at that moment if they want to wait it out or come back later.

The beauty of digital signage is that you don't always need to have a wait time clock displayed. You can switch between other marketing materials, signage, deals, and more.

Pro Tip: Don't just stick to your promotions! You can also consider selling advertising space to other local businesses in the neighborhood. This is a great way to learn how to make money with digital signage advertising and restaurant menu boards and give your company the extra revenue boost your business needs.

Take Your digital signage to the next level with Singa

Whether you have private karaoke rooms or karaoke once a night every Wednesday - we're here to help. Digital signage is an invaluable addition to your restaurant that can help boost sales and get more eyes on your deals, promos, and events.

With our karaoke software, you can turn every TV, iPad, or screen in your establishment into a marketing opportunity. Whenever a customer goes to sing their heart out on stage, your advertisements will be right there with them.

To learn more about Singa Business, contact us today.