Karaoke is undeniably fun for customers and appealing for businesses, but did you know it can also be a powerful tool for promoting your business? With Singa Pro's ad manager you can seamlessly show ads on your screens between karaoke sessions and songs, raising awareness and interest in your products, events, and partners.

To dive deeper into the concept of digital signage and what you can do with Singa Pro, we'll go over:

What is digital signage?

In simple terms, digital signage refers to communication and advertising through on-premise screens. Digital signage has become increasingly popular across diverse industries as a versatile and highly effective marketing tool. Its success lies in utilizing Point of Sale (POS) marketing, enabling advertisements to be displayed at the pivotal moment when customers are making their purchasing decisions.

Why is karaoke and digital signage system a perfect match?

Karaoke, known for its lively and engaging nature, pairs perfectly with a digital signage system. Here's why:

Seamless synergy

Karaoke and digital signage form a perfect synergy when it comes to entertaining your patrons and promoting your business. Karaoke is a vibrant and interactive activity that brings people together, fostering a lively and engaging atmosphere. By integrating digital signage into the karaoke experience, you can effortlessly display ads, promotions, and event information on screens between karaoke sessions and songs.

This seamless integration ensures maximum exposure for your message, as the very screens used for entertainment also become a platform for displaying your content.

Targeted Advertising

By leveraging your customer data and preferences, you can deliver personalized ads that resonate with your target demographic, maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

For instance, if your venue offers karaoke rooms, you can leverage the screens to display personalized birthday greetings for customers or create congratulatory messages tailored to bachelor party groups. By leveraging reservation information and customer data, you can create engaging and personalized experiences that leave a lasting impression on your customers.

People sitting in a karaoke room at a table, behind them there is a digital ad display.
Ad display in a karaoke room at O'learys

How your venue can leverage digital signage

As a business owner, it's important to think about ways to boost sales and promote your products or events. On-screen advertising enables you to:

Effectively promote offerings and events

A digital signage system enables the delivery of targeted, timely, and up-to-date advertisements. Whether it's promoting limited-time offers, seasonal dishes, or upcoming events, digital signage provides a dynamic platform to communicate such information.

By showcasing eye-catching visuals and timely announcements, restaurants can generate curiosity and excitement, driving customers to take action.

Music quiz ad being displayed on Singa Pro digital signage in between songs.
Bollbrolyckans promotes music trivia events to their karaoke singers.

Boost social proof

Displaying on-screen reviews in restaurants, bars, or other venues enhances social proof and influences customer decision-making for food and beverage choices. Positive feedback and testimonials about menu items, drinks, and overall dining experiences provide valuable insights to potential customers.

The visual representation of real customer opinions builds trust and confidence, making it easier for patrons to select from your diverse menu options.

Save resources and streamline change-making

Keeping advertisements up-to-date can be challenging without digital signage: once materials are printed, any change requires new materials. By utilizing digital signage, you can easily modify your ads without needing to reprint them, making it possible to promote specific products during after-work hours or offer distinct drink specials on certain week days.

Digital signage streamlines the process of updating advertisements, saving you time and printing costs, while enabling prompt communication to ensure customers receive accurate and up-to-date information.

Forge partnerships

Digital signage serves not only as a way to promote your own promotions, menu additions, and upcoming events but also as an opportunity to sell advertising space to third parties. Digital signage allows you to forge partnerships and collaborations with other businesses and brands.

By featuring partners' ads on your screen, you can create a mutually beneficial ecosystem that expands your reach and drives revenue. Through strategic cross-promotion, you can leverage the popularity of karaoke and create unique advertising opportunities that benefit both your business and your partners.

How to set-up digital signage in Singa Pro

Karaoke and digital signage make a powerful duo, elevating the promotional capabilities of businesses in the restaurant industry. With Singa Business Pro (for Open Mic Karaoke or self-service karaoke in an open space) or Singa Business Box (for private karaoke rooms), you can seamlessly integrate on-screen ads into the karaoke experience, captivate your audience, drive engagement, and generate new revenue streams.

Log in to the Singa Business Admin page using your Singa Pro credentials. Add pictures from Venues > Ad Manager > Add Image > Upload the ad image from your device.

In app view of Singa ad manager

With Singa's Ad Manager, you can schedule your promotional ads for different periods, days etc.

For more indepth details read our Ad Manager guide here.

Why confine karaoke to mere fun when it can double as a powerful marketing tool? And why restrict digital signage to mere advertising when it can seamlessly integrate with karaoke, attracting loyal customers and boosting foot traffic with one of the hottest forms of entertainment? Get in touch with our team to learn more!