Nothing beats a night out at an arcade with friends, family, or coworkers. Arcades offer a relaxed environment to unwind, relax, and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

However, you can't expect your arcade to be the most profitable part of your business. To grow and scale your arcade bar in the future, you must be open to new ideas, switch up the menu, and constantly stay innovative.

If you own an arcade business in your community, you may be wondering what you can do to increase profits and create other sources of income. In this blog, we'll look at five ways you can make your arcade business more profitable and grow in the future.

Here are our top five arcade business ideas to consider:

1. Add private karaoke rooms

Karaoke rooms are a fun activity to consider adding to your establishment. Over the years, karaoke has continued to grow in popularity across various generations. Private karaoke rooms provide privacy, making them great for celebrations, team building, family outings, and more.

people singing in a karaoke room
Karaoke room at Star Karaoke

If you have the space for it, you can start charging for it. Per hour, per person, per booking – your choice! With a professional karaoke software like Singa, you can streamline the karaoke experience and ensure your customers are cared for during their experience. This is a great way to add an additional income with little to no effort from your team. All you need to do is have the setup, take reservations, and let the singing begin!

2. Host private events and parties

Schools, families, and companies are looking for a great venue to host private events and parties for special occasions, get-togethers, and holidays. You can tap into this demand either by renting out the whole space or just a room in your venue. This is a great way to build rapport with community members and make your establishment more profitable year-over-year.

people enjoying a karaoke party with balloons.
Karaoke parties attract a variety of groups looking for fun time.

To find success with private events and parties, you'll want to ensure you have all of the pricing, rules, and guidelines lined out on your website. This way, companies and individuals can decide if your establishment is right for them for their special occasion.

3. Plan themed nights

Switch things up and have fun with planned themed nights at your arcade business! Whether it's emo night, 80's night, or a fun-filled karaoke night, adding a theme is a great way to turn an everyday occasion into an inviting experience for current customers and prospects.

people playing arcade games.
Arcades can be easily themed due to their naturally playful and fun setting. Photo Source: Pexels

When planning themed nights, consider going all out for the experience by offering special drinks, food deals, and promos. Also, consider asking your staff to dress up for the occasion to sell the experience.

4. Market weekday promos and deals

Are you struggling to bring customers in during the week? With happy hours, promos, and deals, you can attract a new customer base and entice customers to your arcade business during the week. With the right marketing initiatives, you can keep your establishment top of mind when families and individuals in your community are looking for a mid-week pick-me-up.

To ensure your weekday offerings are top of mind with your target audience, you'll want to use social media, email marketing, and other traditional forms of marketing. You may also consider switching up your deals regularly.

5. Offer fundraising nights

Fundraisers are an innovative way to attract a new customer base to your establishment while raising money for a good cause. With a fundraiser program, you can provide youth sports programs, schools, and charities with a creative way to raise funds for their initiative.

They'll bring the customers to your establishment, and you'll donate 5%-10% of the proceeds to their initiative. This is a great way to increase brand awareness in your community while increasing revenue.

Set your arcade bar up for success with Singa

The best way to ensure your arcade business reaches its full potential is to stay innovative and open to new ideas. Whether you switch up the menu or add a private karaoke room, these small ideas can lead to a big impact when executed correctly.

If you're interested in hosting weekly karaoke nights or adding private rooms, you've come to the right place. Singa Business is designed to provide customers with an easy-to-navigate karaoke experience. We offer a library of thousands of karaoke songs and a user-friendly interface.

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