Singa's easy-to-use karaoke system makes singing possible for everyone.

Group of friends singing in a karaoke room
Singing brings joy to our community and it's used to prevent loneliness and therefore even depression. It also gives a nice rhythm to the daily routine.
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Kirsti RantalaCare Home Director, Jyronkylan Setlementti, Finland

Singa karaoke system for pensioners and care homes

Singing has many scientifically proven benefits for physical and mental health. It improves elderlies' memories and just generally is a fun and cost-effective way to arrange meaningful activities. Just connect Singa to any TV and let the singing begin. Singa's clear lyrics are known to be easily followed by older eyes as well. Currently, Singa karaoke is used by various care homes and pensioner communities as an weekly activity.

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elderly singing karaoke

Singa while you work: co-working and HR

Karaoke is often a fun team activity where you get to know sides of your workmates that you never knew before. Doing karaoke also helps strengthen the sense of community and belonging and helps people work better together. Singa karaoke is a perfect tool for companies and co-working spaces to improve employee satisfaction, and thus retention.

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Karaoke for working and HR
Our WeWork members had a great time with Singa karaoke and keep asking for another one! It was one of the most popular Happy Hours we've had in the building and we can’t wait to host it again.
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Marta BelloCommunity Lead Hospitality & Events, WeWork

Why all events without karaoke suck (and how to fix them)

When it comes to festivals, afterparties, birthdays, corporate events, conferences, sports events, movie premiers, weddings, staff parties or gatherings of any kind, there's one thing that connects them all. There's a secret ingredient that can spice up any events and transform them into unforgettable parties - karaoke.

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Singa movie theatre karaoke

Libraries used to be silent

If you don’t have the space or equipment at home to express yourself through songs and don’t want to go to a karaoke venue, where can you sing karaoke? In the library, surprise surprise. Fully booked Singa karaoke rooms in public libraries have been a success across the Nordics and offer everyone a chance to sing in a safe and enjoyable environment. Karaoke and library, hah!

Singa at the library
We want to offer people different kinds of activities and tools for learning, and karaoke is definitely among them.
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Ville KarinenService Manager, Tikkurila Library, Finland