Be trendy with private karaoke rooms - powered by Singa karaoke system

Karaoke has long been popular. Interestingly, 2020 sees movements new to the market: a Spotify or Netflix-like streaming experience and private karaoke rooms (also known as karaoke boxes, karaoke booths or KTVs).

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Singa Guide - How to open a private karaoke room in your venue

Learn how to open a private karaoke room in your venue

Our private karaoke room guide covers:

  • Why Karaoke Rooms

  • The Business Model

  • Your Potential Earnings

  • Inspirational Case Studies

  • How Singa Can Help

Stable revenue stream: 6 karaoke rooms, fully booked

Bloomsbury London Youtube

While creating unforgettable experiences for your customers, private karaoke rooms make a lot of sense business-wise. It brings people in, keeps them for longer, and increases for F&B sales. The London-based venue Bloomsbury Lanes have their Singa Business powered karaoke rooms fully booked and running successfully for a long time.

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Become a trendsetter with a modern karaoke system

Sing Sing Karaoke has made a name for themselves as a cool and dare-to-be-different karaoke venue in Sweden. Being experienced in the hospitality sector, they noticed a surging trend - the karaoke renaissance with its growing fan base. To be more precise, they noticed that, more than just a trend, karaoke is here to stay! As a result, the management of Sing Sing decided to partner with Singa to bring about 7 karaoke rooms. Fast forward, Sing Sing is THE destination for singing enthusiasts in the city nowadays.

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Convert any room into a money making machine with Singa karaoke

An old smoking room, cleaning closet or any other rooms can be easily transformed into a karaoke room or booth. All you need is Singa, microphones, speakers, a screen and a mixer. After the first month in operation, your fixed starting cost of a karaoke room is covered - even though the use of the room is far from full capacity. Let's be real; real estate is too expensive to be underused!

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Singa Case Study Blog
We, at Sing Sing, are very satisfied to be using Singa in all our seven karaoke rooms! Our staff and customers alike find it easy to use Singa!
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Frida LernstålMarketing and Events, Sing Sing, Göteborg

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