So, you're starting with karaoke at your venue - congrats! You're gearing up for a fun-filled adventure featuring duets, group performances, and all the singing adventures you can think of. With karaoke, you can get as creative as you want. Whether it's live karaoke sessions every night, private karaoke rooms, or weekday-themed nights. Karaoke is one of the best ways to increase revenue, build connections with your customers, and of course... Have fun!

However, if you're new to the karaoke space, you might feel overwhelmed by the information overload online. What software should you invest in? What set-ups do you need for karaoke rooms? Do I need an AV integrator or installation?

We're here to walk you through everything you need to know about AV integration, what to look for when hiring an AV specialist, and the process - so you can build the right karaoke set-up for your business.

Let's get into it.

What does an AV Integrator do?

AV integration is the process of connecting your AV systems with the other systems you use. Let's say you have your own karaoke set-up. You have the mics, cables, and karaoke software ready for live karaoke sessions. However, you'll need the video set-up so everyone can sing along to the lyrics. You'd use AV integration to connect these systems and ensure they work in tandem with all of the other hardware you already have.

A diagram of a proffesional karaoke set-up.

AV integration is a tool businesses, venues, bars, and restaurants use to keep multiple systems connected in their space. It's not typically used for personal set-ups or for individuals singing karaoke with friends in their living room.

What is the difference between AV integration and installation?

AV integration and installation typically work together. You'll need to install and integrate your systems to ensure everything properly works together.

When setting up the screens, computers, and mics for your set-up, you'll need to install all of the systems in your space and then integrate them with one another to work together.

While all of this seems pretty straightforward, it can be complicated if you don't know your way around the wires. If you connect the wrong wires or cables, you may run into problems with your karaoke set-up. This can be even more frustrating if you have multiple karaoke rooms or run into issues during a karaoke night.

A karaoke AV set-up with a mixer connected to a TV screen, audio system, and microphones.

Benefits of Working with an AV Integrator

The good news is - you don't need to do this alone. Karaoke bars see success if they hire AV professionals to set-up their audio and visuals.

An AV integrator is a professional who specializes in the design and installation of audio-visual systems. They are professionals with extensive knowledge of both hardware and software components, allowing them to create complex integrated solutions that can be tailored specifically for your karaoke needs.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing to work with an AV system integrator:

Customized solution

Everyone’s set-up is different. Which means it requires a different approach. If you're hosting live karaoke nights every night, you won't use the same AV integrations or installation as a business with private rooms. With an AV system integrator, you can get a custom-built solution that addresses your unique needs, challenges, and concerns.

Hands-on Support

If anything goes wrong with your set-up, you can reach out to your AV integrator. They are there to solve problems, answer questions, and ensure you always have a well-oiled karaoke solution that meets your customer's needs and the industry standards.

Seamless Process

When you leave the integration and installation up to the professionals, you can ensure you have a professional set-up for your customers. You don't need to worry about wires not working, TV screens not turning on, or anything else. Everything will be set-up and ready to go.

Peace of Mind

Once an AV integrator comes to your location and sets everything up - you're good to go and ready to start inviting customers to sing. You don't need to worry about a faulty set-up getting in the way of the karaoke experience or anything like that. So you can get the peace of mind you need every time a customer starts to sing.

Identifying the Right AV Integrator for Your Karaoke Venue

Three people singing karaoke at barrio bar in the united kingdom.
Karaoke Night at Barrio Bar

If you're ready to hire an AV integrator - congrats! You're one step closer to achieving the full-fledged set-up you need for your bar or venue. Taking the next steps to hire a professional AV integrator will eliminate human error and help streamline efficiency. So you don't need to worry about your restaurant manager or bartender trying to learn their way around the wires on a whim.

The process of hiring an AV integrator isn't always easy. You'll want to find a professional in your community that can check all the boxes on your list.

Here's what you need to do:

Ask around

Referrals and personal recommendations are a great way to find professional AV installation companies in your community that meet the needs of your establishment.

At Singa we are happy to connect you with an AV integrator in your area who has experience setting up karaoke and working with Singa Karaoke. This will make the AV integration process worry free and get your venue up and singing even faster.

Consider your needs

Every set-up is going to be different. You'll want to ensure that the AV specialist can accommodate your needs as a business and help you build the cutting-edge set-up that meets the needs of your establishment. Before setting an appointment, don't be afraid to reach out and let them know what you're looking for.

Look for a support system

Murphy's law says "Anything that can happen, will happen." The AV specialist you choose may do everything right, but some problems may occur later. When working with an AV specialist, ensure they are personable and have customer service solutions to help you solve any issues.

Setup your next karaoke with Singa

As a business owner – you already wear tons of hats. The last thing you want to put on your plate is learning the ins and outs of AV integration and installation. With an AV specialist, you can gain the peace of mind to host fun-filled karaoke sessions every night of the week.

Song selection view of Singa Business.

Once you have your set-up, you can lean on Singa's business software to take care of everything else. With our solution, you don't need to worry about bulky karaoke machines or tools. Once your AV system integrator sets everything up, you'll be ready to get everyone singing.

Connect with our sales team today to learn more.