The entire workplace dynamic is changing. As of 2022, over 26% of US workers are working remotely. This number is expected to increase to 36.2 million by the year 2025. The past few years have taught us that Employees no longer need to come into the office five days a week, eight hours to complete their work on time. Remote and hybrid work models prove that individuals can finish their workweek on a remote or hybrid schedule without sacrificing productivity.

However, with this change to remote or hybrid work models comes changes to offices. If you currently have more than enough space in your office, don't just use this for extra storage. Instead, consider revamping your workspace to accommodate your team's needs with fun office pod ideas.

Here are five fun and innovative office pod ideas:

1. Karaoke Pod

Who said you can't have fun in the office? With a karaoke office pod, your team can relax, collaborate, and take a break from the stressful workweek. The best part is these are relatively easy to set up. All you need to create a small karaoke setup is a few microphones, an iPad, speakers, and a karaoke app like Singa.

An office pod that has been re-worked into a private karaoke area with microphone, ipad, and tc screen.
Singa Karaoke Pod concept photo from Smartblock

You can create an interactive space where your team can sing their favorite tunes and connect with their coworkers. Singa is also easy to use and manage, so your employees can easily manage their karaoke sessions without worry.

Once it's set up, this room will be great for team bonding, lunch breaks, and happy hours at the office. So your team will have a space they can always count on for a good time.

2. Nap Pod

Does your team work long hours in the office? Do some individuals start work earlier than others? Maybe, you notice that your team members are always going to their car to take a quick nap during their lunch break. If you answered yes to any of these, consider adding a nap pod to your office. A nap pod is a quiet space that invites your team during their breaks. This is a great way to receive a mid-day pick-me-up and to keep your team focused.

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Here's everything you need to create a nap office pod:

  • Comfortable lounge chairs, couch, or twin bed
  • Blankets, pillows, and other comfort necessities
  • A nightlight or a light with a dimming feature
  • Oil diffusers, candles, or aromas
  • White noise machine

3. Zen Garden

Find inner peace with a zen garden office pod. Zen garden pod office spaces provide calm, peaceful energy to the workplace. It creates a safe space for your team members when they're overwhelmed, frustrated, or need a quick breather between meetings. Even though zen gardens are traditionally outdoors, they can be relatively easy to create indoors with mini zen garden materials.

Once you create the setup, you can add candles, essential oils, stones, and other items that inspire mindfulness and encourage your team members to take a deep breath and enjoy themselves.

4. Meeting Pods

Do you find it challenging to get things done in an office? Are you constantly looking for a quiet space to accommodate a small team? While this might not be at the top of the fun office pod list, it's incredibly beneficial for building a collaborative environment. Creating a space that invites brainstorming and open discussions is a great way for a thriving workplace.

Smartbock meeting pod 

Unlike traditional meeting rooms, consider adding plants, games, decor, and activities. This will inspire your team to think outside of the box if they're in a creative rut and have open-minded discussions about upcoming projects they are currently working on. If you create an inviting space everyone can benefit from, you may find that individuals hide away in this pod to get work done or to focus!

5. Yoga or Meditation Pod

Do you wish it was easy to relax and unwind with a quick yoga session before work, during lunch, or after a long meeting? A yoga or meditation pod invites your team members to take a step back from the chaos of the workweek to destress. Meditation and yoga have proven benefits for individuals that directly impact their workplace productivity. This includes improved self-awareness, creativity, and patience. After a quick yoga or meditation session, your team members will be ready to combat challenges and take on new opportunities with a refreshed state of mind.

All you need to bring this pod idea to life is:

  • Yoga mat
  • TV or Ipad to watch yoga instructor
  • Yoga
  • Towels
  • Speakers or radio
  • Yoga straps, resistance bands, and blocks

Have fun creating this space for your team! This is a safe space your team can utilize when they need to take a step back from their work and refocus their energy.

Setup a Karaoke Pod with Singa

If you're looking for a fun and creative office pod idea, you can't go wrong with a karaoke pod. These create a welcoming environment that inspires creativity and keeps your team entertained throughout the work week. Whether you have an in-house team or a hybrid company: You'll find that your team is more relaxed while in the office and comes to the table with creative ideas.

To create a full-fledged karaoke room in your office space, you need a karaoke app like Singa for Business. With Singa, you can keep the party going after 5 o'clock and provide your team members with a complete library of songs to sing whenever you please.

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