Join the new era of karaoke Professional karaoke software to make karaoke a massive success in your bar, private karaoke rooms, or entertainment venue

Run your stage or private room karaoke with Singa

Singa is the go-to karaoke software for any venue looking to bring in new customers and drive their revenue. You’ll have everything your business needs to make karaoke a huge success.

The Largest Song Library

Give your customers all their favorite songs with the largest, fully licensed karaoke song catalog in the Western World. New songs are added weekly.See our song catalog
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Forget Bulky Karaoke Machines

Easily run stage karaoke from an iPad for a modern karaoke experience with Singa Pro. Customers can even find and request songs from their phone.
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Digital Signage for On-screen Promo

Customize the karaoke experience for your brand, easily display your food and drink offers, or sell ad space in between songs.
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Tailored Karaoke Room Features

Manage your karaoke rooms with features like time & session management, kiosk mode, and pre-made singlists.
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Attract customers with the Singa mobile app

Your venue is visible to hundreds of thousands of Singa home users as they search for their next night out.
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Customer Centered Approach

Get help with any issues that come up and ensure long-term success with frequent check-ins, marketing support, and usage data.

Keep the crowd energized with seamless stage karaoke

Run a killer karaoke night from an ipad with Singa Pro or a computer with Singa Lite and keep your customers coming back for more.

Singa karaoke rooms work for any business

Karaoke rooms are the hottest trend in the hospitality entertainment industry. Combine them with other offerings like bowling, darts, or dinner to keep your customers entertained all night.

Join the network of more than 1000+ happy venues using Singa karaoke

A great product, extensive catalogue and an excellent team. We have used Singa in our venue and also at events and festivals. Very easy to use and integrates into our A/V setup. Recommended!
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Dan BeaumontThe Karaoke Hole
Our research shows that customers who come to the pub for Singa karaoke account for 16% of trade at weekends and 6% midweek.
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Gary RobertsAmber Taverns
Learn how to open a private karaoke room in your venue

Learn how to open a private karaoke room in your venue

Our private karaoke room guide covers:

  • Why Karaoke Rooms
  • The Business Model
  • Your Potential Earnings
  • Inspirational Case Studies
  • How Singa Can Help

Karaoke increases customer spending up to 40%!

A recent study finds that karaoke has a significant influence on entertainment venues like bars and nightclubs. Karaoke attracts people to the venues, encourages them to stay longer, and results in increased sales. Singing, waiting for one's turn, and watching others sing are addictive! People tend to spend more time and money in venues with karaoke.

Karaoke increases customer spending up to 40%!