2024 is off to a new start. While we are still gearing up for new releases from the likes of Taylor Swift and Beyonce, for the time being a few songs have trickled into your karaoke playlists. Below you can see the most popular karaoke songs of 2024.

Our list of "The best karaoke songs 2024" is based on how many times the song was sung in the Singa app by singers around the world.

The top 5 karaoke songs of 2024

1. Yes and? – Ariana Grande

Sing Yes and? karaoke here.

2. Wasted Youth – goddard. x Cat Burns

Sing Deep In Your Love karaoke here.

3. I'm Just Ken — Ryna Gosling

Sing I'm Just Ken karaoke here.

4. No Rules! – Windows95man

Sing No Rules! karaoke here.

5. Just Another Rainbow – Liam Gallagher & John Squire

Sing Just Another Rainbow karaoke here.

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