Karaoke has become a huge trend globally and shows no sign of slowing down. With the recent introduction of Spotify Karaoke Mode and an ever growing selection of karaoke themed shows like Carpool Karaoke and Sing-on, karaoke has returned to the cultural zeitgeist.  

But it's not just old-fashioned stage karaoke that people are searching for, karaoke rooms are quickly becoming one of the hottest entertainment trends for venues of all kinds. Karaoke rooms have long been the preferred form of karaoke in many asians countries such as Japan, South Korea, and China. Now, karaoke rooms are making their way into Europe — particularly in Scandinavia. Sweden and Norway have already become booming hotspots for karaoke rooms, will Copenhagen be next?

Graph showing the increase in google searches for karaoke rooms from 2020 to 2021.
Search traffic for karaoke rooms has reached an all time high in Europe! 

Despite Sweden's obsession with recreating the 70's through their ABBA hologram and cloning experiments, they have managed to keep up with a few music entertainment trends. Karaoke rooms have become massively popular throughout Sweden. Stockholm and Gothenburg have seen total karaoke room takeovers with karaoke room venues like Moyagi and The Melody Club dominating the night life.

Two karaoke singers performing in a private karaoke room at The Melody Club.
The Melody Club

But it's not just karaoke specific venues that are enjoying the benefits, other entertainment venues like O'Learys are opening single karaoke rooms to add to their offerings and attract new crowds to their venues. Venues of all kinds from sports-bars and restaurants to bowling alleys and skating rinks have managed to incorporate private karaoke rooms into their business model and secure a pre-booked source of income.

Social Eatertainment Group sees no end in sight to this trend and predicts that karaoke rooms will continue to spread throughout Sweden and will become one of the dominant entertainment trends.

While some trends take a bit longer to make their way down the fjords and up the mountains, Norway has kept up with the karaoke room trend. Competitive socializing venues throughout Oslo like Pin Pin and Raadhuset have all added karaoke to their entertainment offerings.

Karaoke room in Pin Pin, Oslo Norway.
Pin Pin 

With private karaoke rooms already being huge success in Oslo and Stockholm it begs the question: when will the trend come to Copenhagen? Well it is already well underway!

Karaoke rooms in Copenhagen?

Search traffic for karaoke rooms and karaoke in Copenhagen have already risen significantly and there is no sign that this trend will slow anytime soon. There is a clear demand for karaoke rooms, that sadly for many karaoke goers has not been met yet.

Pop-up karaoke room venues like City Pop have made some temporary entrances into Copenhagen's karaoke scene. While some more permanent venues have already made preliminary plans to jump on the trend and there are some expected openings in 2023 for karaoke room venues.

But this doesn't mean you are too late to the game. Any entertainment venue can quickly open a karaoke venue with the right equipment, music licensing, and a karaoke software like Singa.  

How to start your own karaoke room?

If you are interested to learn more about  the karaoke room concept and how it can bring traffic and revenue to your venue be sure to check out our karaoke room guide which covers: why karaoke rooms, the business model, your potential earnings,  inspirational case studies.

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