So, you want to throw a karaoke party for your friends, family, or coworkers! Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or a get-together, one of the best ways to ensure everyone is entertained and having a good time is to plan a karaoke party.

Karaoke is a fun-filled way to encourage your guests to break out of their shells and put their singing skills to the test. With a library filled with songs and a full-fledged karaoke setup, you can keep the party going all night and build stronger connections with the ones you love most.

To take your night to the next level and entertain your guests, you'll need karaoke party decoration ideas and a complete karaoke setup. We created a list of the must-haves and decorations you'll need to plan and prepare for a fun-filled karaoke party.

The best karaoke decoration ideas

It's not a real party if there aren't any karaoke party decorations, snacks, or other party essentials. While it may seem easy to set up a karaoke system, connect it to your TV, and call it a day - you should always strive to do more. With the right decorations and fun details, you can transform your home into the perfect karaoke experience for you and your friends. Here's what you'll need to get started:

Party invitations

Whether it's a birthday or a just-for-fun party, invitations are a must-have for every karaoke party you plan to host! One of the best ways to do it is by creating a facebook event, and adding people there. It creates a space for discussions before hand and for people to add photos to later.

When sending out your party invites, make sure you mention on the invitation that it's a karaoke-themed party. This way, your guests will arrive ready to take the stage, and encourage them to start thinking about what songs they plan to sing. If you want a themed or artist night, mention it on the invitation, too!

If you want to make it a really special event you can think about sending out some hand written invitations as well. There is a variety of karaoke themed invitations available on amazon.

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If you want to commit to the karaoke night in your home, you'll need the proper lighting. Lighting helps set the scene and gets your guests in the mood to take the stage and sing their hearts out, whether it's flashing lights, colourful, or a spotlight.
There is some cheaper light options that can add a nice disco effect like this strobe lamp from Amazon for $9.99.  

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Of course if you plan on hosting more frequent parties you can consider investing in some more professional lighting systems with a verity of effects like this DJ lighting system from Amazon for $129.55.

DJ Lights,SAHAUHY Four Beam Sound Activated Stage Lights RGB Music Pattern Party Lights for Bar Club Disco Dancing Birthday Party Wedding
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Whether it's Christmas, Halloween, or Fourth of July - there's always a reason to sing! If you're planning a karaoke party around a holiday, don't be afraid to ask your guests to come in costume. This is a great way to add to the experience and take your karaoke night to the next level.

Karaoke party with the people singing in costumes.

Themed Decorations

Decorations help add to the experience. They're a great way to efficiently fill the space while leaving a lasting impression on your guests and attendees. When looking into different party decorations, consider the theme you're going with and how the decorations can add to the experience.

Some common karaoke party decorations include:

  • Streamers
  • Colorful napkins, plates, and cups
  • Balloons
  • Confetti

Have some fun with the decorations! Whether it's for a birthday party karaoke night, or a fun-filled holiday party, the decorations you choose will complement the night.


Anything else you choose to buy is like to have, not a must-have. Some fun extras you can consider purchasing include:

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  • Disco Ball – a classic and timeless piece if you have some where to mount it on your ceiling, otherwise you can consider some mini disco balls you can put up with string.
  • A projector for the lyrics  of course a TV screen will suffice for a smaller party, but if you want to go big a projector can add alot of scale.
  • Photo Booth – a great way to make the party more memorable, you can consider adding an area with a variety of props for people to do selfies and photos.

What you need for your karaoke setup

Cartoon drawing of a mixer and cable for karaoke.

The karaoke party decorations are only half of the battle. Once your invitations are sent out, the theme is picked, and the decorations are bought, it's time to start thinking about the karaoke setup.

The good news is many karaoke setups are relatively affordable and reusable, so you don't have to break the bank to have a good time.

Here's what you'll need:


You'll want to have at least 2 microphones for your karaoke party. Two microphones will give your guests a chance to sing duets if they're feeling shy and will ensure you have a backup option if anything goes wrong during your party.

A great affordable option is the XZL Professional Wireless Microphones. This duo is rechargeable, portable, and has next-level audio performance. The built-in battery can last up to eight hours, ensuring you can keep the party going without interruptions.

For even more microphone suggestions check out our list of the best proffesional karaoke microphones here.


Speakers or a portable PA system is the perfect go-to to help you turn your living room into a karaoke stage. The PA system will improve the sound quality and keep the party going through the night.

A great, low-cost option is the Alphasonik 1000W PRO DJ Amplified Loud Speakers. This option has a speaker and a microphone, so you can get a full-fledged karaoke setup for around $240. Of course if you will be having a smaller party or it will take place outdoors you can look at portable karaoke machines.

Karaoke app

Lastly, you'll need a karaoke app to pick and choose songs to sing. While you may be quick to think YouTube is the easiest option you can use - it's not the best idea. You'll need to sit through ads and really search on the platform for high-end karaoke songs to sing.

If the songs are too long, you may be disrupted mid-song to listen to an ad! This can disrupt the experience for your customers and take away from their karaoke sessions.

One of the best software you can use is Singa. Singa is a karaoke singing app that can connect to computers, TVs, and cell phones. The platform has an extensive library of karaoke songs and features you can use to keep the party going without disrupting the queue. You can get a special 2-day party pass for just $5.99.

Singa karaoke app shown on a variety of devices.

Take your karaoke party to the next level with Singa

Group of people having an epic karaoke party

If you want a fun-filled karaoke night with your friends, family, or coworkers - high-quality karaoke app is a must-have for every karaoke party you have planned in the future.

Singa is the perfect solution for karaoke parties. Our software will seamlessly connect with your at-home karaoke setup and help keep your guests entertained for hours on end.

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