Karaoke has quickly become a household favorite thanks to its popularity among people of all ages (everyone in the family can participate) and its uplifting effect.

Tune in if you are looking into expanding and/or upgrading your home entertainment. In this blog post, I will talk about how you can easily turn your laptop into a killer karaoke machine with Singa — the best karaoke app in the market.

Your laptop can do it all. Sing(a) karaoke anywhere anytime.

You are no longer stuck with only 2 choices when it comes to home karaoke:

  1. Buying a heavy, complicated and often expensive karaoke system to get a somewhat decent singing experience, or...
  2. Settling with those toy-like machines with horrible sound quality for the sake of portability and convenience.

Computer technology has come a long way. Your computer or laptop most likely already has a high-resolution screen and blasting speakers. And Singa, the Spotify of karaoke, helps fill in the missing elements and take it a notch further:

  • A huge library of licensed high-quality karaoke songs, updated constantly and automatically. You do not have to buy those karaoke discs or worry about downloading content.
  • Hundreds of carefully curated singlists like Top 100 most popular karaoke songs, Oldies & Goldies, Party Hits, or Modern Christmas jams to get you inspired.
  • Song catalog can be accessed online 24/7. Everyone at your party can browse through the karaoke song catalog from their own phones at their pleasure.
  • Song queue feature lets your party gang (or you yourself) add multiple karaoke songs to the line whenever you’d like. No more fiddling is required in between songs.
  • Pop-out player feature allows people to browse the song catalog and add song requests to the system while the karaoke lyrics are streamed on a separate window.

Keep exploring the Singa app and you will be impressed by the modern karaoke experience. The app works on phones, browsers and smart TVs.

Singa has all the best karaoke songs on all your devices. 

To sum up, Singa Premium knocks out those karaoke machines on Amazon or at Target:

  • High-quality karaoke versions from reputable international karaoke producers
  • You can find virtually any songs you’d like to sing from our giant and constantly updated catalog
  • Make use of your existing devices, no need to further crowd your house
  • Portable and convenient. You can sing anywhere anytime
  • Premium features for smooth karaoke partying like song queue and pop-out player
  • Sleek and modern looking
  • Flexible digital subscription: good for you, good for the environment

Connect your laptop to external devices for a premium karaoke experience (optional)

As said, you can run the whole karaoke session from your laptop or computer. But if you want to take your karaoke experience to the next level or hold the best party, you can easily stream the karaoke lyrics and backgrounds to your TV for a wider screen with an HDMI cable (or download our Singa app for smart TV if you have one) and have the music playing from your TV speakers or your home stereos. Hmm, while you're at it, you may want to consider throwing in a microphone (or two), too :P

Stream the karaoke lyrics to your TV with Singa. Bigger screen equals more fun!

Let the singing begin!