Karaoke rooms are an investment that can help your establishment attract a new crowd that loves to sing their heart out and keep your current customers entertained and engaged. However, as a business owner, you may feel hesitant to invest in all the equipment, software, and tools required for a karaoke room. Karaoke equipment is expensive and comes with a high upfront cost. The last thing you want is something to happen to the equipment and items you invest in.

What if your customers get too rowdy during a singing session? What if a customer knocks something over or spills a drink on the speakers or iPad? While not all of these accidents are preventable, there are steps you can take to customer-proof your karaoke rooms to increase the longevity of your equipment - so you can gain the peace of mind you need to successfully run karaoke rooms at your establishment.

We're here to walk you through how to master the karaoke room setup and customer-proof each room at your establishment.

Let's take a closer look:

Start by investing in the proper equipment

While it may be tempting to purchase the cheapest equipment you can find, you shouldn't. High-quality equipment is built to last - so you can rest assured you're getting the most out of your investment. If you're buying the lowest quality and cheapest items, you can expect to replace items more frequently, especially if it's being used daily.

Here's what to consider:

High-Quality Microphones

Up-close image of a microphone

A microphone is arguably one of the most important parts of your karaoke room setup. When investing in microphones, you'll want to first choose between cord or cordless. While cordless may be more expensive, they provide less risk and are more user-friendly.

Microphones with cords can be a tripping hazard. Which can lead to accidents, spills, or falls in your karaoke rooms. However, cords can reduce "mic drops" or your customers losing or sitting on microphones.

Before making the purchase you'll want to weigh the pros and cons of each, and then find a high-quality solution that can accommodate the karaoke room setup.

Quality Speakers

Let's be honest - your customers will notice if the speakers don't have superior sound quality. Bad sound quality and cheap speakers can impact the karaoke experience for your customers.

When shopping for a high-quality speaker for your karaoke rooms, you can typically get away with using just one PA system. If you have a larger karaoke room for big groups, you may want to consider getting a pair of speakers.

When shopping for speakers for your karaoke room setup, here's what you'll need to look for:

  • High-quality sound
  • Easy setup and connectivity
  • Lightweight and portable

Karaoke Software

The software you choose can make or break the customer experience. If you're using something that doesn't have a user-friendly interface, your customers will constantly be bothering your staff with questions or concerns. A high-end solution like Singa will be easy to navigate, use, and set up - so your team can get time back in their day to focus on their daily duties.

Singa karaoke box mode app song selection view.

How to Setup Your Karaoke Rooms to Be Customer Friendly

A high-quality setup is only half the battle. To build a karaoke room setup that will keep your equipment out of harm's way, here's what you need to consider:

Use a Wall or Table Mount

Wall or table mounts are a great option for your TV and iPad. When you mount the TV to the wall, it's less likely to fall or get damaged by your customers. This will also help open up the space in the karaoke room, so your customers have room to move around freely without feeling stuck in one spot for hours.

Two people selecting a song using Singa from a wall mount.
Star Karaoke uses a wall-monted iPad for song selection in their rooms.

A mount can provide the peace of mind you need when a new group enters the karaoke room. This will ensure your iPad won't be misplaced, stolen, or broken and it's always in the same place.

However, if your customers need to constantly get up to choose a song or browse the song catalog, they may bump into things or spill their drink. With karaoke software like Singa, your customers can browse through the catalog and queue up songs with the mobile app, so you don't need to worry.

iPad Protectors and Screens

A screen protector can prevent scratches, dents, and cracks. It's a must-have, especially since so many people will use the iPad throughout the night. If you aren't going to mount the Ipad on a table or the wall, you can consider investing in a high-quality case. These cases can protect your iPads from general wear and tear and improve grip.

While not mounting your iPad means it may get lost or stolen, it does improve the customer experience. Customers can browse through your song catalog and queue up songs without leaving their seats.

Hide the Cords

Cords are a tripping hazard. Whether your customers have had a little too much to drink or aren't watching their step while singing their favorite song - if they trip over a wire, it can lead to injuries and damage to your equipment. When setting up your karaoke rooms, you'll want to do your best to hide all wires and cords. You can do this by investing in cordless microphones and tucking all other cords under a rug or a mat.

Microphone Caps

Microphone caps are commonly referred to as windscreens. They are usually used to protect the sound quality from gusts and air at outdoor events or during outdoor activities. However, adding a microphone cap to your microphones can also prevent dirt and saliva from entering the microphone - creating a cleaner experience for everyone.

A group of friendsvuses microphone caps on their wireless microphones in a karaoke room
All Stars Lanes uses microphone caps on their wireless microphones. Photographer: Melissa Lau

Everyday Maintenance

Once you have the best equipment and the perfect setup - you'll need to keep up with everyday maintenance. This will ensure that your equipment is safe, sanitary, and always ready to be used when a new customer enters the karaoke room.

Also be sure to update your iPad iOS weekly, your karaoke software may have updates and can help insure the best experience for your customers.

Keeping equipment safe and clean

Whether you have karaoke rooms available on the weekends or every night of the week, you'll want to ensure the space is clean and sanitized. It should be a habit to wipe down the rooms after every new group enters and to do one big clean every day or week, depending on how often they're used.

 Cleaned and prepped karaoke room at Sing Sing Trondheim
Cleaned and prepped karaoke room at Sing Sing Trondheim

How to clean speakers

Speakers should be thoroughly cleaned after every use. To clean the speakers in your karaoke rooms, you'll want to wipe them down with a damp cloth. This will eliminate any dirt, grime, or lint that builds up on the surface.

Dust can build up inside the speaker over time also and regular cleanings should take place monthly to ensure a longer life for the speaker. You can read more in-depth instructions here.

How to clean microphones

The microphones in the space are arguably the most used and touched item in your karaoke room. After every group exits the karaoke room, clean them with a disinfectant cloth or consider switching them out for a clean set.

At the end of the night, you should do a more deep cleaning,  you can read more instructions here.

Repair minor problems before the grow

Don't just let small problems go unnoticed. If you see a crack, dent, or a problem with your equipment - you should fix it immediately before it grows into a bigger problem. This will help your equipment last longer and ensure one minor problem doesn't grow into a bigger one.

Keep your iPad updated

Spill proof your space

While this may seem easier said than done - spill-proofing your space can help prevent damage. Here are a few ways you can spill-proof your karaoke room setup:

  • Invest in spill-proof upholstery
  • Place rugs and mats on the floors
  • If you have wood floors in the room consider switching customer's cups from glass to plastic

Invest in user-friendly software with Singa

The last thing you want is for your customers to constantly bother your staff with questions and problems in the karaoke room. Singa for Business is a user-friendly karaoke software solution with thousands of songs and a user-friendly interface. Once you're set up with a subscription, your customers can queue songs, look through the catalog, and use their phones to request songs.

Two people sing in a karaoke room using Singa Business karaoke software.
Karaoke room in Sing Sing, Gothenburg

Our solution also easily connects with your karaoke equipment, so you don't need to invest in a bulky karaoke machine. We also have tailored karaoke room features like time & session management, kiosk mode, and pre-made singlists.

Contact us today to learn more.