If you are going to karaoke and need some great songs to sing, you can always fall back on show tunes! They are often well known, loved, and great for the audience singing along! Some musicals and Broadway shows are easier to sing than others, but even if you can’t pull it off, they are usually fun for the whole crowd.

We asked Shawn Leonhardt from 30 Day Singer and Guitar Trick for the 16 best Broadway show tunes to sing at your next karaoke event!

1. You’ll Be Back – Hamilton

Hamilton is by far the most popular broadway show of modern times, and of course most of the music is in HipHop format. If you can rap and have some help perhaps try “My Shot,” otherwise this song above has a nice and fun melody. However there is also quite the range of emotions so be prepared!

Sing You'll Be Back karaoke here

2. There’s No Business Like Show Business – Annie Get Your Gun

Irving Berlin wrote this for the 1946 musical Annie Get Your Gun about the life of Annie Oakley. It was later also made into a movie and most famously sung by Ethel Merman. This is a great tune for those that may not have the greatest voice as it can be sung in a brash and over the top manner.

Sing There's No Business Like Show Business karaoke here

3. Willkommen – Cabaret

If you can speak some German and French this song from Cabaret may be perfect for you! It’s the introduction to the Kit Kat Klub and all its seedy and over the top behavior so sing it with some pizazz!

These are great songs to work on during singing lessons like these.

Sing Willkommen karaoke here

4. Defying Gravity – Wicked

Wicked is a modern popular musical that tells the story of the witches from the Land of Oz and has many great karaoke tracks. And if this song from Oz is too new you can always fall back on the famous “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” if you have a great voice and can pull off this jazz standard.

Sing Defying Gravity karaoke here

5. Don’t Rain On My Parade – Funny Girl

Speaking of rain this is another classic Broadway hit from the musical Funny Girl and was first made popular by Barbara Streisand. While it helps to have a great voice when singing this, if you put forth the energy it should work fine, just have fun and go with it!

Sing Don’t Rain On My Parade karaoke here

6. I Feel Pretty – West Side Story

West Side Story has many great potential tracks for karaoke! If this cute and quaint song isn’t the right fit you can try “Maria” or if you want a deeper love ballad perhaps “Somewhere.” Either way that musical has lots of choices based on the room mood. This song is perfect for extending vocal ranges.

Sing I Feel Pretty karaoke here

7. On This Night of a Thousand Stars – Evita

If you have more of a rocking voice you may have better luck with the rock musical Evita. Many female singers like to choose “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” but for males this song above is a great choice. If you can croon a love song, this is a great one to try!

8. Take Me or Leave Me – Rent

Rent is another beloved musical for karaoke purposes, this song makes for a great duet for two decent singers. In fact when you have more than one singer the songs of this musical fit the bill, “Seasons of Love” can be sung by a group or along with the crowd.

Sing Take Me or Leave Me karaoke here

9. Hair – Hair

Hair has a few different songs that may work great for karaoke. There is the silly and aptly named song “Hair” or the psychedelic pop of “Aquarius.” Both can be suitable depending on the timing, the latter choice a great end of night tune!

Some of these tunes can even be used in your vocal warm up routine.

Sing Hair karaoke here

10. I Could Have Danced All Night – My Fair Lady

This song from My Fair Lady is a classic Broadway tune that many in the audience will know. It is even sung in the movie version of The Birdcage. This song above is synonymous with the Broadway feel, so it may be a great starter for the party.

Sing I Could Have Danced All Night karaoke here

11. Hello Dolly – Hello Dolly

Whether you sing this song in the manner of Louis Armstrong or other singers it is a jazzy and fun tune to do. This musical is from the 1960’s and has become a standard so the audience will likely be singing with you!

Sing Hello Dolly karaoke here

12. Cell Block Tango – Chicago

The Broadway musical Chicago also has a few suitable tunes for karaoke, they are catchy, rhythmic, and fun for the crowd. “All That Jazz” is another great hit that can involve more than one singer and everyone wants to be a part of the fun, it might even inspire some dancing with jazz hands.

Sing Cell Block Tango karaoke here

13. Hopelessly Devoted – Grease

Grease is a standard karaoke musical, almost all its songs are worthy for a party. If you are at a point where you are singing love ballads then “Hopelessly Devoted” is perfect. Otherwise for more upbeat numbers or duets you can try “Summer Nights” and “You’re the One That I Want.”

Sing Hopelessly Devoted karaoke here

14. You’ll Be a Dentist – Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors is another great rock musical, perfect for people who may not have the best voice. Like the dentist song it’s more about having fun and being absurd. This musical also has several great doo wop, love ballads, and silly tunes to choose from.

Sing You'll Be a Dentist karaoke here

15. Good Morning Baltimore – Hairspray

The Hairspray musical is based on a comedy by John Waters, and his work is known for being hilariously absurd and over the top. This song isn’t sung with the intent of being perfect or even that great, if you are a tad campy in your vocals, try this one out!

Sing Good Morning Baltimore karaoke here

16. Time Warp – Rocky Horror Show

While we already have many great choices, we can’t forget the Rocky Horror Show. It is another popular musical that most people love and “Time Warp” will especially get the room moving. It can be a great tune to end the night on a high note. There are so many Broadway shows to choose from and in most cases almost any song you pick will be fine, just read the audience to make sure it is appropriate!

Sing Time Warp karaoke here

Of course our 15 best karaoke show tunes list is missing Disney and other pop musicals based around bands like Abba and Billy Joel. These are also great choices for show tunes, it really depends all on the age of your audience. Here we did our best to include musicals from the past and present that most listeners will know and love.

These can be great songs to use to learn how to sing! These musicals listed have many other songs to choose from and there are plenty of other old show tunes to sing. If you want to impress the crowd and get them singing along at karaoke, almost any Broadway show tune will do the trick!

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