Italy has asserted itself as a dominant force in the world of classical music and still holds the same prestige today for its modern pop ballads with opera and symphonic music. Italy is also home to The Sanremo Festival, which is the most famous song contest in Italy and the world.

If you are looking to learn Italian or simply just love Italian music, we've put together the most popular Italian karaoke songs sung by Singa karaoke users.

1. Con Te Partiro – Andrea Bocelli

One of the most well known Italian songs across the world. Despite its massive popularity, this song only came in fourth at the Sanremo Festival in 1995. It has since been used in countless movies and TV shows like The Sopranos and Ronin.

Sing Con Te Partiro karaoke here.

2. Strani Amori – Laura Pausini

Laura Pausini has won multiple international and national awards in Italy, thanks to her powerful voice and has sold more than 75 million records. Strani Amor is a pop ballad perfect for karaoke.

Sing Strani Amori karaoke here.

3. L'italiano – Toto Cutugno

L'italiano is an Italian pop song created and performed by Toto Cutugno for the 1983 Sanremo Festival. The song was a great international success and is Cutugno's best-known song, as well as one of the best know Italian songs of all time.

Sing L'italiano karaoke here.

4. Zitti E Buoni – Måneskin

Another winner of the Sanremo Festival, which later went on to win the Euroision European Song contest in 2021. Måneskin has gone on to receive world wide acclaim not only with this song, but as well as their cover of Beggin'.

Sing Zitti E Buoni karaoke here.

5. Per Elisa – Alice

Another winner of the Sanremo Festival (I think we are starting to see a trend). This won first place in 1981, and launched Alice into stardom.

Sing Per Elisa karaoke here.

6. Caro Mio Ben – Luciano Pavarotti

Cario Mio Ben is a staple of classical singers, it is an especially great song to improve your breathing and phrasing.

Sing Caro Mio Ben karaoke here.

7. Il Mondo – Il Volo

A song originally composed by Gianni Boncompagni and performed by Jimmy in 1965. The cover by Il Volo takes the emotion of the piece to the maximum. It can be song alone or in a trio like Il Volo.

Sing Il Mondo karaoke here.

8. Adagio – Il Divo

Adagio was originally composed by baroque composer Albinoni for strings and organ. Il Divo offers a vocal arrangement that translates the songs feelings of longing to spoken word.

Sing Adagio karaoke here.

9. Sarà Perché Ti Amo – Ricchi e Poveri

Sanremo festival just won't quit with this 1981 pop hit that rose to the top of the charts throughout Europe. The Spanish version of the song also was a massive hit, you can see more popular Spanish karaoke songs here.

Sing Sarà Perché Ti Amo karaoke here.

10. Parla Piu Piano – Patrizio Buanne

A song often associated with The Godfather Trilogy, this beautiful love ballad is the perfect karaoke serenade song.

Sing Parla Piu Piano karaoke here.

This was our list of the most sung Italian karaoke songs. Of course this is just a few of the thousands of Italian karaoke songs you can sing. You can check out Singa's full catalogue of Italian karaoke songs here for more inspiration.