Spanish language music has seen a massive spike in popularity all across the world. So, it is not wonder that more and more people are looking for Spanish songs to sing in karaoke. We've compiled a mix of the top Spanish karaoke songs based on our data from Singa users from all over the world.

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Whether you are a native speaker, learning Spanish, or just a karaoke fan who wants some new songs to choose from these free to sing karaoke tracks are perfect for anyone.

The best karaoke songs in Spanish:

1. Calma – Pedro Capó, Farruko

Calma is one of the most popular karaoke songs across the world, and made it into all of our top karaoke lists. It is a light-hearted song perfect for any karaoke party. It is an easy Spanish karaoke song to sing, so it is perfect for any level of singing or Spanish.

Sing Calma karaoke here.

2. Como La Flor – Selena

This is the most karaoked song in Spanish in the U.S. and for good reason. It is a beautiful song and one of the most iconic songs from Selena.

Sing Como La Flor karaoke here.

3. Corazón Sin Vida – Aitana, Sebastián Yatra

A modern pop duet from the most karaoked artists in Spain (Aitana) and Columbia (Sebastian Yatra). Both of these artists have even had their own special McDonald's meals – though I have to say the McAitana was my favourite of the two.

Sing Corazón Sin Vida karaoke here.

4. Rosas – La Oreja de Van Gogh

La Oreja de Van Gogh have achieved popularity through-out the Spanish speaking world. Rosas is a sweat but melancholic song, and has become one of their most iconic songs.

Sing Rosas karaoke here.

5. La Bikina – Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel is one of the most renowned and highest grossing latin singers of all time. So it is no wonder he is also one of the most karaoked artists

Sing La Bikina karaoke here.

6. Callaíta - Bad Bunny

The king of reggaeton, Bad Bunny karaoke will be a hit at any party and will have the crowd dancing and singing along. One of his songs with a slower rhythm Callaíta is perfect for karaoke.

Sing Callaíta karaoke here.

7. Torero – Chayanne

Chayanne is a heart throb that has captivated the world. While not the easiest songs to sing Torrero has a dramatic and fun energy perfect for a karaoke performance.  

Sing Torero karaoke here.

8. Sofia – Alvaro Soler

This song is perfect if you are learning Spanish – well any of Alvaro's songs really. Alvaro is hugely popular among non-Spanish speakers and performs a majority of his concerts in Germany and Austria.

Sing Sofia karaoke here.

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9.  Con Altura – Rosalía, J Balvin, El Guincho

Rosalía has exploded into fame this past years and has found friendship among many Hollywood celebs including the Cardi B and the Kardashians. She combines traditional Spanish elements with reggaeton beats to create her own brand of motomami music.

Singa Con Altura karaoke here.

10.  A Través Del Vaso – Banda Los Sebastianes

In Mexico banda and cumbia music reign supreme for karaoke. A Través Del Vaso is one of the most covered songs and naturally the most karaoked song in all of Mexico.

Singa A Través Del Vaso karaoke here.

11.  Maluma - Felices Los 4

Maluma baby! Felices Los 4 is the song that exploded Maluma into global fame.

Singa Felices Los 4 karaoke here.

12. Vivir Mi Vida – Marc Anthony

This is the most popular karaoke songs for Spanish language learners. Not only are they lyrics quite simple to sing along to, it is also a great inspirational song.

Sing Vivir Mi Vida karaoke here.

13.  El Sol No Regresa – La 5a Estación

Originally from Madrid, La 5a Estación made it big in Mexico. El Sol No Regresa is a great karaoke song everyone should know that suits a wide range of voice types.

Sing El Sol No Regresa karaoke here.

14. Chanel - SloMo

SloMo was Spain's 2022 entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. Since its fiery introduction, it has become the most played song from Eurovision 2022. While the lyrics themselves may come with a few surprises – zoom, zoom on my yummy – it is a song that will bring the party.

Sing SloMo karaoke here.

15. Suerte – Shakira

What kind of list would this be without a Shakira song added into the mix. Whether your audience speaks Spanish or not they will be able to join in the words with you.

Sing Suerte karaoke here.

This is our list of the best karaoke songs in Spanish from all over the Spanish-speaking world. If you need more karaoke inspiration check out our Top 100 karaoke songs in Spain or Top 25 karaoke songs in Mexico.

Or, if you are in a musical mood, you can sing Spanish karaoke songs for free with Singa.