Christmas gift, birthday present, wedding surprise, anniversary treat.... There’s always a mom, a boyfriend, a best friend, or your favorite couple who you’d like to gift with something unique and memorable.

Instead of giving things and physical parcels, give experiences and memories! Experiences become part of us and can never be taken away. As gifts, they often have a deeper meaning than material things.  

Here are Singa’s seven fun and engaging experience gift ideas for the precious ones in your life 💝

1. Joy, health, and new skills with the gift of singing

Is your loved one into singing? Or do you have someone in your life who would like to have a new hobby? Bring joy to that special someone by getting the popular ​​Singa Karaoke Gift Card! The special gift of karaoke gives access to a massive library of high-quality karaoke songs. Whether your loved one is a ballad lover, a daring rocker, a Disney fanatic, or something in between, they sure will find great songs to sing with Singa. The tunes are available on computer, mobile, and smart TV.

Besides, did you know singing improves mental health? Singing releases oxytocin which relieves anxiety and stress. Singing, humming, and chanting also stimulates the vagus nerve, which helps your body to relax and de-stress. Studies also show that singing stimulates the immune system, and can help with cognitive abilities.

2. Painting masterpieces while sipping

Why not give an experience gift that combines artistic vibes and quality wines? The wildly popular wine and painting concept is a fun experience where you let your inner painter loose while drinking something you like. What better place to experience this than Pinot's Palette studio!

Whether it’s your best friend’s birthday, a girls’ night out, or you want to give a memorable non-material anniversary gift to someone who loves to create, Pinot’s Palette studio helps to awaken the inner artist. If the gift receiver is in the US, you'll find the best location for one of Pinot’s Palette’s public studio events here. You can alternatively contact the studio to host your own private party.

3. Memories from live concerts

Live concerts are momentous events usually full of emotions. It’s something to look forward to and get excited about. Live gigs are a great experience gift where socializing, amazing performances, snacks, and singing and dancing to favorite songs all come together. A gift card for concert tickets is a surefire present for the music lover in your life.

4. Get their adrenaline rushing

Hot air balloon ride, anyone? What about white water rafting or a Ferrari race? Here is a collection of presents for your daredevil relative or friend. Virgin Experience Gifts has a whole host of experience gifts – anything from ziplining to indoor skydiving, and from jet skiing to bull riding. Let your beloved choose the adventure of their dreams, and may their adrenaline get pumping!

5. Give a room full of action

Escape rooms, adventure rooms, exit rooms, puzzle rooms – a room full of activities is a pretty unique gift!

Escape rooms are spaces where a team of players has a limited amount of time to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks. The idea is to complete a task, reach a goal or escape the room within the provided time limit to win the game. Escape rooms are a cool gift for your problem-solving and puzzle-loving dear one. Find the nearest escape room anywhere in the world here.  

6. Let them smash to de-stress

What if the apple of your eye is a little vexed? In that case, gift the light of your life with recreational demolition. Rage rooms, also known as anger rooms, are spaces where people get to vent their anger by safely smashing stuff. Anger rooms are an action-based way to take out frustrations and de-stress, so this gift is ultimately about peace of mind 😇

7. Geogaming and exciting outdoor stories

One of the most engaging gifts you could give is an immersive outdoor story experience by CluedUpp Games. The company offers geogaming and team-building events in over 80 countries worldwide. The location-based outdoor games turn city streets into playgrounds. Players form teams and engage in the adventures via an app. The experience could be anything from detective stories to crime-solving adventures and witchcraft & wizardry mysteries. Exciting!

Source: CluedUpp Games players' shots.

How do you feel about our selection of experience gifts? Come up with your own gift ideas and let us know about them. If you and your loved ones decide to join the karaoke party, tag us on social media: @singakaraoke on Instagram and @singamusic on Facebook! 🥳