Let Singa's karaoke software for nightclubs empower your growth!

Nightclubs with karaoke are popular nightclubs. Give your customers a nightout of their lives. They will dance, they will sing, they will stop to have a drink.


Do karaoke how you want it with Singa karaoke software for bars and pubs

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Learn how to open a private karaoke room in your venue

Our private karaoke room guide covers:

  • Why Karaoke Rooms

  • The Business Model

  • Your Potential Earnings

  • Inspirational Case Studies

  • How Singa Can Help

Karaoke increases customer spending up to 40%!

A recent study finds that karaoke has a significant influence on entertainment venues (namely bars, pubs, nightclubs). Karaoke attracts people to the venues, encourages them to stay longer, and results in increased sales. Singing, waiting for one's turn, and watching others sing are addictive! People tend to spend more time and money in venues with karaoke.

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Convert any space into a money making machine

Often the time, you have that quieter corner at your nightclub where people just stand. Don't you hate it? How about converting that corner into a karaoke heaven? All you need is Singa karaoke software, microphones, speakers, a screen and a mixer. Make it a public stage or a private karaoke room, the choice is yours. Give your customers more entertainment choices, lure them in earlier, charm them to stay for longer, and keep them coming back

Singa has made a very positive effect on revenue on multiple levels. It brings customers into the club earlier, customers stay all night and new customers that we didn't previously have are checking out our venue.
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Mark MiddletonClub Director, Nightclub Maxine, Helsinki

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